Downtown Needles, CA: Man on bike ride with a message of cancer awareness and the never give up.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Downtown Needles, California: A man on his bicycle is spreading cancer awareness and not to give up on what you’re battling along his way to as many people as possible.

Stephen Swift from Newport, Oregon made a stop into the Needles Chamber of Commerce office in Downtown Needles, California as part of his bicycle ride across America spreading faith, hope and goodwill to those battling cancer just as he had.

“I started my trip on May 7th 2012 after my wife passed away, and after that I was was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer; only given 18 months to live, and I decided instead of doing something stupid and foolish, I took a bike ride,” said Stephen.

Stephen has traveled over 26,000 miles, across 43 states and 3 countries including Canada and Mexico, spreading awareness and spreading a message of hope and not giving up.

If you’re battling cancer or dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, Stephen said that he always tell people to never give up never give in; they need to fight, and that people are with you; you never do it alone.

“It’s not about me and my cancer, it’s about you and other people; it’s about people who you meet or who inspired you on that day and so you go from town to town meeting people, and you just have so get so much compassion for these people – you never want to stop,” said Stephen.

Stephen tells ZachNews that he met a lot of great people along the way, even getting his picture taken with those who stopped to show their support of his bike ride.

Stephen’s Journey continues into Lake Havasu City, Arizona and back into California; heading along the west coast back to his hometown finishing the journey.

Stephen hopes that other people battling cancer or any problem in the life to help other people with the same situation, inspire people that you can do something rather then giving up and help raise awareness for somebody who needs their support so they know they’re not alone.

Our community wishes Stephen Swift a safe journey and keep up the ride.


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