Breaking News: Needles, CA: Water line rupture at 1300 River Road near River Edge Golf Course.

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews):

Needles, California: A water line rupture has occurred at 1300 River Road near River Edge Golf Course.

Initial reports into the City of Needles that a water line manifold leaked but that has changed; a 10 inch water line near the manifold rupture out water.

According to Needles City Council Member Shawn Gudmundson water is out to a large portion of Needles, California, including restaurants and businesses in Downtown Needles, California, lower side of Interstate 40 in the California Village area and west side along Needles Highway affecting motels and fast food restaurants like Carl’s Jr.

Water to the community will be interrupted for hopefully a few hours until crews repair the water line leak is repaired, possibly an estimated three hours.

Bottled drinking water will be provided inside the Community Hall at the El Garces Train Depot, located on the 900 block of Front Street near G Street in Downtown Needles, California; updates on times to come. The water station will be open until 9:00 p.m. PT tonightIf bottled drinking water is needing to be delivered, please let Needles City Council Member Shawn Gudmundson know at 1 (702) 206-0771.

River Road is open but motorists are beimg advised to avoid this area.

As of 5:46 p.m. PT, businesses and restaurants in Downtown Needles, California are closed, including Jack In The Box and McDonald’s fast food restaurants, but water service will be restored soon.

Stay tuned to ZachNews as this breaking news story is still developing.

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