News Alert!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Draft plan for new mixed-use residential development proposal at former Needles Chamber of Commerce parcel released.

News Alert!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Draft plan for new mixed-use residential development proposal at former Needles Chamber of Commerce parcel released.

ZachNews has just received from the City of Needles the draft plans for the new mixed-use residential development proposal at the former Needles Chamber of Commerce parcel in Downtown Needles, California.

According to the City of Needles, the proposal approved by Needles City Council for the mixed use project at the site of the former Chamber of Commerce parcel.

The proposal mixed-use site is surrounded by West Broadway, G Street, Front Street and H Street.

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Our project is drawn by professionals, our team has invested a lot of positive energy and a decade of experience.

The mixed-use project is a residential building with local and regional retail, which will also have public open spaces.

Everything is designed in a way to incorporate the community, economic expansion opportunities, exuberance and enjoyment for all the residents.

The restaurants and cafes, as well as different stores and offices will be located on the ground floor.

The public open space is proposed for open-air cafes, it will also aim to allure retail and housing to the downtown area of the city. We will implement distinctive architectural styles, which, in our opinion, the citizens will love and appreciate.

This building will be a breath of fresh air for Needles city. We think it will truly have a special place within the city’s urbanization. Sustainable native plants will be selected for the landscaping.

Overall, our project will contain both commercial and residential offerings, on the ground floor and above, accordingly. It will be suitable for people with different income levels.

As an additional advantage, the building will also be affordable for low-income households and for senior citizens.

Development of two parcels with a combined size of approximately 88,309 square feet (2.3 Acres).

Unigraphics is a full-service architectural and planning firm founded in Yerevan, Armenia in 2002.

David Nersisyan is the founder and the principal architect with over 17 years of experience in the design and the planning of commercial, office, retail and housing projects.

He has been working in Los Angeles, California since 2010. Our team at Unigraphics has the experience, ability, and resources to manage and execute your project from the visionary stage through the completion of the construction.

Working closely with the engineering teams, we coordinate the proposed design, submit plans for plan check, and obtain building permits.

In addition to our flexibility and creativity, we can develop architectural solutions and strategic planning that will address both short and long-term needs.

Our mission is to provide the desired aesthetic design and deliver each project on schedule and within budget.

On the whole, we have done various projects, including residential buildings, in Russia, Italy, Armenia, and the U.S.

Currently, we are designing this project which mainly incorporates commercial buildings.

It is truly exciting to be able to have our investment in the construction and the unification of Needles town and its residents.

We aspire to reach our goal very soon, and hope this project will be the beginning of the enduring and modern architectural renaissance.

** Pictures from the City of Needles: **

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