Needles, CA: San Bernardino County Public Library participates in Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill.

Needles, CA: San Bernardino County Public Library participates in Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill.

People inside the San Bernardino County Public Library in Needles, California joined millions of people across the United States and across several countries who practiced “Duck, Cover and Hold On” during the Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill on Thursday, October 17th, 2019.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez was there as employees were seen getting under their computer table and desk at 10:17 a.m., simulating as if an earthquake has begun shaking your area, protect your.

As the earthquake simulation portion of the drill ended, employees grabbed their emergency preparedness kit and evacuated all people out of the library.

After a building inspection of the library’s inside and outside structure areas, the library was reopened for normal business.

ZachNews spoke with Joan Meis-Wilson, Librarian at the San Bernardino County Public Library, who talked about what they have inside their emergency preparedness kit, and the importance of having a kit as well as a plan in case of an earthquake or other disaster occurs.

Well the calm ground of the Colorado River Tri-State area may relax your preparedness for an earthquake, major earthquakes that are miles away can be felt along the Colorado River Tri-State area.

The Landers Earthquake (June 28th, 1992), the Northridge Earthquake (January 17th, 1994), the Hector Mine (October 16th, 1999, 20 years ago last Wednesday) and the Ridgecrest Earthquakes (July 3rd, 2019 and July 4th, 2019), all were felt by people living in the Needles, California; Mohave Valley, Arizona; and Laughlin, Nevada areas.

If it’s in case of an earthquake or other disasters such as severe storms, dust storms or wildfires, always have an emergency preparedness kit ready, have a plan and practice that plan to keep you and those around you safe, and when disaster hits, calmly act on those safety plan.

After the disaster, remain calm as much as possible so you can better focus, help and handle whatever may occur following a disaster.

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