Mohave Valley, AZ: Groundbreaking ceremony today for the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Elementary School and new cultural center.


Mohave Valley, AZ: Groundbreaking ceremony today for the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Elementary School and new cultural center.

In a press release, the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe will host a ground breaking ceremony at the construction site of the Tribe’s new cultural center and elementary school at 4:00pm MT on Monday, November 5th, 2018.

In addition, the ceremony will also commemorate the 30-year anniversary of the AhaMakav Culture Society, the tribe’s first cultural heritage organization.

Located at the corner of Dunes Road and Plantation Road in Mohave Valley, Arizona, the new construction will feature a multi-purpose language and cultural center that will work toward maintaining, revitalizing, and documenting the Mojave language as well as developing the means to fulfill and preserve all aspects of Mojave culture.

Additionally, the new construction will include the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe elementary school for pre-kindergarten to 6th grade students that will emphasize Mojave language instruction and will implement STEM academic disciplines.

Currently the tribe’s two cultural heritage departments, the AhaMakav Culture Society and the Aha Macav Historical Culture Preservation program, are located in different buildings in different states, one in Mohave Valley, Arizona, and one across the Colorado River in Needles, California.

The Macav Chukwar Language Department is also located in Mohave Valley, Arizona.

With the construction of the new cultural center, these departments will be situated in one location, allowing for more departmental cooperation and opportunities to expand their current offerings.

Construction of the new elementary school will be completed in July 2019, with a planned opening in August 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The goal for the school is to provide Mojave students a curriculum that exceeds state standards, and one that will prepare Mojave students for society.

The Fort Mojave Tribal Council will be on hand for the ceremony as well as Tribal Planner Wayne Nelson.

Also in attendance will be representatives from the construction company, civil engineering team and architecture firm heading the project, AR Mays Construction, The WLB Group and DLR Group, respectively.

Part of the groundbreaking ceremony will feature the Fort Mojave Tribal Band as well as the presence of the newly crowned Fort Mojave Tribal Royalty.

In addition to these festivities, we will also host a BBQ luncheon.

The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe elementary school and tribal cultural center are part of the tribe’s Master Plan which includes construction of the Wellness Center, slated to open in December 2018, as well as new administrative offices and future expansion of the Arizona Village housing development.

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