Needles, CA: Prepared and ready for an earthquake.

Needles, CA: Prepared and ready for an earthquake.

Employees at the San Bernardino County Public Library in Needles, California participated in the California Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills on Thursday, October 18th, 2018.

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This was the 10th Anniversary of the Great ShakeOut, which began in southern California in 2008 and has millions of people in California and worldwide practicing how to Drop, Cover, and Hold during an earthquake.

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Employees at the San Bernardino County Public Library were ready to Drop under a sturdy table or desk, Cover your head and neck with one arm and Hold on until the shaking stops.

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Afterwards, employees at the San Bernardino County Public Library went into evacuation mode and got their emergency kit out, which ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez got to see was loaded with supplies; from drinking water and food, to tools to turn off the gas and even a medical kit; they wanted to let people know that we’re ready for an earthquake here at our public library.

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After a check around the outside of the building to make sure there were no damages or any kinds of leaks, employees at the San Bernardino County Public Library gave the all clear to enter back into the building and continue the day of reading or working on school work on the computer.

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As we all know living in Needles, California and living in the Colorado River Tri-State area, we don’t have major earthquakes, but let me remind you all of 2 earthquakes that occurred far away, but was felt in our own area; the magnitude 7.3 earthquake known as the “Lander’s Earthquake” that occurred in Landers, California on Sunday, June 28th, 1992, and the magnitude 7.1 earthquake known as the “Hector Mine Earthquake” that occurred in a remote part of the Mojave Desert, 47 miles east-southeast of Barstow, California on Saturday, October 16th, 1999.

The “Lander’s Earthquake” killed 3 people, injured over 400 people and caused roads to buckled and buildings and chimneys to collapse, as well as damage a bowling alley in Yucca Valley, California (Top Picture).

The “Hector Mine Earthquake” injured a total of 5 people, caused some cracks along overpasses that cross over Interstate 40, and caused an Amtrak passenger train known as the “Southwest Chief”, en route from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, to derail some of their cars near Ludlow, California (Bottom Picture) more than 125 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California.

At least 4 passengers of the 155 passengers on the Amtrak passenger train suffered minor injuries in the derailment.

Both of these earthquakes were far away from our area, but people remember feeling those earthquakes and tell stories of what they did when the earthquake hit.

These earthquakes, far away they were, still shock us all here so just in case of an earthquake from afar or any disaster, be prepare and ready; have an emergency kit stocked up and ready, and have a plan so you, your family, your friends and your community can survive any disaster, near or far.

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** More information regarding on how to protect yourself in an earthquake can be found at the following website address: **

** If you don’t know how to prepare for an earthquake or just need a refresher on what to do, find more information on earthquake preparation at the following website addresses: **

– Ready.Gov:

– America Red Cross:

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