News Alert!!: Colorado River Tri-State: Fort Mojave Indian Tribe plans to hold a meeting on Friday and demonstrations on Saturday opposing the River Regatta event.

News Alert!!: Colorado River Tri-State: Fort Mojave Indian Tribe plans to hold a meeting on Friday and demonstrations on Saturday opposing the River Regatta event.

Just a few days away from the kickoff return of the River Regatta along the Colorado River, ZachNews has learned that the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe is planning to hold a meeting against the event.

The “No Regatta” meeting is scheduled to be held at 5:00pm MST on Friday, August 10th, 2018 at 8490 Arizona State Route 95 (Mohave Valley Highway) in Mohave Valley, Arizona.

The public meeting is to put the word out that the River Regatta is not welcomed by the majority of the communities along the Colorado River, including the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and the City of Needles, because of the environment and pollution in the water left behind after the event.

The River Regatta, as known in the past as the Bullhead City River Regatta, has had controversy surrounded the event since its launched in 2007, growing from 583 registrants to 29,329 registrants within 6 years.

Back in 2016, members of the Bullhead City Council heard numerous complaints from members of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and the public regarding pollution, environmental, safety and other issues that accompany the River Regatta event, including complaints over trash left behind from the event which pictures of the mess were posted on soical media.

After hearing the complaints, members of the Bullhead City Council voted 4-3 to end the River Regatta event.

In October 2017, the event got a new lease on life when members of the Bullhead City Council voted 6-1 to accept an offer from Marnell Gaming LLC, the owners of the Edgewater and Colorado Belle casinos to purchase, reinstate and run the event.

Bullhead City Council Member Steve D’Amico cast the only dissenting vote.

The sale worth $25,000 included the transfer to Marnell Gaming LLC, event-specific equipment and intellectual property developed by the city.

The sale also required Marnell Gaming LLC to provide liability coverage to the city for use of facilities and to reimburse the city for all direct expenses.

Marnell Gaming LLC would also work with all federal, state and local agencies necessary to coordinate the event before this year’s event.

The River Regatta 2018 is scheduled to kick off at 7:00am MST on Saturday, August 11th, 2018 at Davis Camp in Bullhead City, Arizona, and this year’s event, there was a limit of 22,000 patrons that can attend this year’s event.

ZachNews has learned that the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe are organizing “No Regatta” demonstration during the River Regatta 2018 event at 5:00pm MST on Saturday, August 11th, 2018.

Originally, the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe were planning to have the “No Regatta” demonstrations at 5 site locations; 4 in the Bullhead City, Arizona are and another in Fort Mohave, Arizona.

ZachNews has learned that the originally 5 site locations have changed and will be near the Laughlin Bridge, on the corners of Bullhead City Parkway and Arizona State Route 95 in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Team leaders will be at the demonstration location along with signs, snacks and drinking water.

The demonstration are being held so to let out-of-towners know that the river should be respect.

ZachNews reached out to Marnell Gaming LLC for a response regarding the upcoming demonstrations and concerns being raised but haven’t receive yet any comment or statement but if something does come in, will post it here.

ZachNews did find on the Laughlin River Regatta website the following message regarding the environment and this year’s River Regatta.

The message reads, “The Marnell Gaming is committed to long-term environmental responsibility. The company has pledged to dedicate time, effort and $100,000 annually to improve and maintain the highest possible levels of cleanliness in the Colorado River and along its banks and islands in the Bullhead City/Laughlin vicinity. Sponsored clean-up events are a part of the company’s commitment to devote significant resources to the beautification of the river and to ensure that this valuable resource does not suffer because of tourism events such as the Laughlin River Regatta. Since December 2017, three formal cleanup events have been held, netting a total of 3.25 tons of trash. In addition, trash management will be conducted during the August 11 Regatta event and immediately following it, both along river banks and in the water. The effort will employ a variety of trash retrieval methods including the distribution of trash bags for each participant and divers scouring the river bed for garbage. Additional cleanup events will be held following the Regatta as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to improve environmental quality. Marnell has paired with community service organizations in the effort to clean the riverbanks and water. Each service group participating in the cleanups has been awarded cash for their programs. A total of $16,000 has been awarded to date. Ryan C. Walker, SPV & General Manager of Marnell’s Colorado Belle and Edgewater Casino Resorts, said, “The cleanup efforts over the past few months have removed a substantial amount of trash from the river and we are grateful for the efforts of all of the volunteers, sponsors and organizations who have participated. It has made a meaningful impact on the river environment and prepares the way for the Regatta, a significant tourism event that benefits our local community in many ways. Marnell Gaming is proud to be an involved partner in the community and is committed to hosting a Safe, Fun & Clean Regatta””.

**** Questions for our ZachNews fans: ****

What do you think of all of the River Regatta event? Are you for or against the River Regatta event?  Are you planning to attend either the River Regatta 2018 event or the “No Regatta” Meeting and Demonstrations?

Stay tuned to ZachNews as we will be monitoring the event and the demonstrations surrounding the River Regatta 2018.

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