News Update!!: Annapolis, MD: Remembering the Victims of the Deadly Shooting at the Capital Gazette Newspaper.

News Update!!: Annapolis, MD: Remembering the Victims of the Deadly Shooting at the Capital Gazette Newspaper.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department released the names of the 5 people who were killed on Thursday, June 28th, 2018 in a the deadly shooting at the Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.

The following is the names of the 5 victims and some information about the victims.

**** Remembering the Victims: ****

  • Robert Hiaasen
  • 59 Years Old

Robert Hiaasen was a columnist and assistant editor at the Capital Gazette.

Hiaasen loved humor, journalism and helping young writers at the Gazette.

Robert Hiaasen’s death was first confirmed by his brother, author Carl Hiaasen.

The Capital Gazette remembers Hiaasen for his “wryly observant writing style and his generous mentoring of young journalists.”

A native of Florida, Hiaasen moved to Maryland in 1993.

Hiaasen has worked as a reporter for The Palm Beach Post in Florida and The Baltimore Sun.

Hiaasen became the assistant editor at the Capital Gazette in 2010.

Hiaasen was also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Maryland.

In February 2017, Hiaasen wrote about his impressions when he first moved to Maryland and his love of Berger cookies.

NBC News reports that before leaving for work on Thursday, Hiaasaen, a father and husband, wanted to do something to make his wife feel special.

“He did a little birthday dance for me this morning before work (Today is my birthday), and he loved being a dad, an editor who helped shape young talent, and a creative writer and humorist. He loved to laugh. He loved the ocean. He loved words,” Maria Hiaasen, who turned 58 on Thursday, said in a statement.

Just last week, Hiaasen and his wife reportedly celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary.

In a brief phone call with The Associated Press, Carl Hiaasen said his family “was devastated beyond words” by the senseless killing of his brother at The Capital Gazette.

  • Wendi Winters
  • 65 Years Old

Winters started at the paper as a freelance reporter in Maryland 20 years ago after a career in the fashion industry.

Winters joined the Capital Gazette staff full time in 2013.

“Winters made the mundane marvelous. It was all important because it was her community,” The Washington Post reported.

Winters highlighted her community with regular features, such as “Teen of the Week” and “Home of the Week.”

“She was in many ways the best part of the newspaper in that she cared so much about the city,” former Capital Gazette editor Steve Gunn told The Associated Press.

Winters was the special publications editor who had a talent for “connecting with the community and documenting people’s achievements,” former Capital Gazette editor Leslie Hunt told the newspaper.

Her daughter Winters Geimer said her mother’s life “was a gift to everyone who knew her and the world will not be the same without her.”

  • Gerald Fischman
  • 61 Year Old

Fischman was the editorial page editor at the Capital Gazette and had worked at the paper for 26 years.

Fischman is being described by colleagues as a “The consummate newspaper professional.”

Steve Gunn, a former editor at the newspaper, remembered Fischman as “the master of AP style” who “made sure everything was just right.”

“He was famous for working long days and being very precise in his language and always making sure the editorial page reflected the heart of the newspaper,” Steve Gunn said in an interview with The Associated Press.

NBC News reports that the paper’s former editor and publisher, Tom Marquardt, recalled Fischman as quirky and a “really smart guy” who tried out for “Jeopardy!” twice, but didn’t get on the show.

Tom Marquardt also said that Fischman was committed to his work and not particularly social.

Tom Marquardt said that when Fischman announced to the newsroom late in life that he had married an opera singer from Mongolia whom he had met online, “we all nearly fell out of our chairs. We never expected Gerald to get married, let alone to an opera star.”

  • John McNamara
  • 56 Year Old

John McNamara, who went by “Mac,” was a writer at the Capital Gazette, and had worked at the Capital Gazette for nearly 24 years.

McNamara will also be remembered for his “flexibility, concise writing and extensive knowledge of regional sports.”

Gerry Jackson, who hired him back, told the Capital Gazette newspaper that McNamara was a “jack of all trades” who could write, edit and design pages.

McNamara was a University of Maryland alumnus and authored two books on athletics about his alma mater.

McNamara found the love of his life while attending the university.

The Capital Gazette newspaper said they met at a bar after McNamara covered a football game.

was living his dream as a sports reporter and was an encyclopedia of regional sports knowledge, according to his obituary in the Sun.

He started at the Capital Gazette as a copy editor, then left for a competing publication, only to return a few years later and work then for the paper for nearly 24 years.

McNamara went by “Mac,” the Sun said. A former Capital Gazette sports editor who hired him back recalled him as very versatile.

  • Rebecca Smith
  • 34 Year Old

Rebecca Smith was a sales assistant who was hired at the newspaper in November 2017.

Her boss Marty Padden told Capital Gazette that Smith was, “A very thoughtful person. She was kind and considerate, and willing to help when needed. She seemed to really enjoy to be working in the media business.”

Smith lived with her fiance in eastern Baltimore County and actively posted images documenting her social life.

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