News Alert!!: California: California’s Primary Election 2018 is today.

News Alert!!: California: California’s Primary Election 2018 is today.

Polls are open across California primary election on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 as voters decide on who will be the final 2 candidates for California governor and for California’s United States senate races.

Polls open at 7:00am PT. and close at 8:00pm PT; people in line at 8:00pm PT will be allowed to vote.

– California Governor:

There are 27 gubernatorial candidates, and winners of the California’s Primary Election will advance to November 2018 Election.

Reports that polls show Gavin Newsom leading the pack, and a fight for second place between former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Republican businessman John Cox.

– California’s United States Senate:

In the race for California’s United States senate, 26 year incumbent Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is faces 30 other candidates, including 8 Democrats, 11 Republicans, 2 third-party candidates and 9 candidates not affiliated with a party.

– Affecting San Bernardino County, California:

Voters in San Bernardino County, California, here are a few of the election races affect your area.

– United State House, California District 8, candidates running includes Paul Cook (Republican and the Incumbent), Marge Doyle (Democratic) Ronald O’Donnell (Democratic) Rita Ramirez (Democratic) and Tim Donnelly (Republican).

– State Assembly District 33, candidates running includes Socorro Cisneros (Democratic), Scott Markovich (Democratic) and Jay Obernolte (Republican).

– State Senate District 16, candidates running includes Ruth Musser-Lopez (Democratic), Shannon Grove (Republican) and Gregory Tatum (Republican).

– California Ballot Measures:

Voters in California are also voting on 5 proposed statewide ballot measures.

Proposition 68: The measure would let the state borrow $4 billion through general obligation bonds for parks, water infrastructure and conservation projects. It includes more than $1.2 billion to build and improve state and local parks. It would also authorize $550 million to guard communities against flooding and $200 million to help preserve the shrinking Salton Sea.

Proposition 69: The measure would amend the state constitution to require money raised from a new diesel tax and from vehicle fees to be spent on transportation projects.

Proposition 70: This proposition would require the Legislature to vote in 2024 on how to allocate revenue from the cap-and-trade program, which generates billions of dollars annually by requiring polluters to buy permits to release greenhouse gases.

Proposition 71: The measure would change the effective date for propositions from the day after the election to five days after election results are certified. This amendment to the state constitution pushes the effective start date for voter-enacted policies back about six weeks. Backers say it would ensure all votes are counted before new policies are enacted.

Proposition 72: The proposition would amend the state constitution to let Californians install rain-capture devices without increasing their property taxes even though they enhance property values. Supporters say the tax break would encourage people to install the water-saving devices, which can be helpful in a state prone to drought.

Combined, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties have around 11 million of California’s 25.1 million eligible voters.

** More information on all the candidates and prepositions on the California’s Primary Election 2018 ballot or to find your nearest polling place can be found at the following website address: **

– California’s Primary Election 2018:

– Voter Guide: California’s Governor:

– Voter Guide: California’s Propositions:

– California Elections Offices:

A list of county elections offices and their contact information is listed on the website below.

You can call the Secretary of State’s toll-free Voter Hotline at: 1 (800) 345-VOTE (8683) for your county elections official’s contact information.

– San Bernardino County Elections Offices:

(Voting information and polling locations for voters in the San Bernardino County, California area, including desert communities of Victorville, Barstow and Needles)

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