Breaking News!!: Yucca, AZ: Vehicle accident along eastbound Interstate 40.

Breaking News!!: Yucca, AZ: Vehicle accident along eastbound Interstate 40.

Yucca Fire District is on scene with Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Arizona Department of Transportation of a vehicle accident along eastbound Interstate 40 at mile maker 22 near Yucca, Arizona.

This is a picture posted by the Yucca Fire District of the accident which occurred at around 9:18pm MST on Saturday, April 28th, 2018.

According to the Yucca Fire District, dispatch reported a single vehicle rollover with numerous oxygen bottles on the interstate.

Chief 1301, Engine 1311 and Rescue 1317 from Yucca Fire District responded.

Upon arrival, we found a 28’ Class C Motorhome on it’s roof with evidence of multiple rolls.

Upon exiting vehicles, firefighters noticed the strong scent of propane.

Eastbound Interstate 40 was completely closed while we assessed the situation.

Upon a scene size-up, firefighters noted that a 7.5 gallon propane tank had been punctured and was releasing propane through a small opening.

Firefighters also noted 4 Scuba Diving Air Tanks which were intact and secured.

The propane tank was secured and the #1 lane was re-opened and all bystanders were allowed to leave the scene.

Firefighters encountered a single patient with minor injuries in care of bystanders.

The patient had self-extricated from the vehicle.

The driver of informed firefighters that he was rear ended by a semi truck that was also in scene at a high rate of speed and rolled multiple times before landing on the vehicles roof.

A patient refusal was obtained on both drivers.

American Red Cross responded and assisted the driver of the motor home as all of his personal belongings were destroyed during the accident.

The Yucca Fire District assisted ADOT and DPS with scene clean up and both drivers were transported by Yucca Fire District personnel to hotels in Kingman, Arizona.

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