Downtown Needles, CA: Women’s Club of Needles’ 89th Annual Flower Show bloomed on despite very few entries.

Downtown Needles, CA: Women’s Club of Needles’ 89th Annual Flower Show bloomed on despite very few entries.

The Women’s Club of Needles held their 89th Annual Flower Show on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 inside the Women’s Club of Needles Clubhouse in Downtown Needles, California.

Tablets full of flowers along with other plants, herbs, bouquets, fruits, vegetables, and nuts was expected to be on full display for the community, in hopes to tops last year’s flower show.

But sadly, organizers were in shock to receive very few entries who signed up for this year’s flower show.

Despite the low amount of entries this year, the flower show wasn’t going to stop blooming on, showing off the wonderful and very best flowers and plants brought in by great people who didn’t want to miss having their green hard work be put on display.

Here are a few of the pictures taken by ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez of the wonderful and best flowers and plants that won during this year’s flower show.

From a orange rose and wildflowers that bloomed brightly, to a small planted landscape in a small pot and a very small plant that still lives on inside a broken pot, these flowers and plants were blooming bright for the judges best in several flower show categories.

Participates young and old worked hard in taking care and preparing their flowers and plants for the event.

Participates who won during this year’s flower show received ribbons and traveling trophies.

Women’s Club of Needles tell ZachNews that participates in this year’s flower show included kids from our community like Elijah Johnson, who won 2 trophies during last year’s flower show.

Elijah Johnson returned and won in this year’s flower show, winning 2 ribbons for his decorated dish garden, with had a mix of purple flowers and other green plants mixed in with some toy animals that appear to be enjoying nature’s jungle of plants.

The public got to view the best of the flowers and plants during the event as well as enjoy snacks and enter for door prizes.

Women’s Club of Needles thanks the participates who entered into this year’s flower show and organizers hope that the flower show will continue to bloom on, giving young people from our community the chance to grow something out here in the desert.

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