Needles, CA: Rock out to God at the FireHouse Ministeries.

Needles, CA: Rock out to God at the FireHouse Ministeries.

If you love music and God, come on down to the FireHouse Ministeries, located at 809 Bush Street just west of R Street, in Needles, California.

Come on in every Friday night at 6:00pm PT and rock out to God with uplifting music by their rockin’ church band.

Every Sunday at 6:00pm PT, come on in and praise God for Sunday worship service.

In June 2017, FireHouse Ministeries opened in Needles, California, and is currently helping the homeless stay warm in the cold with “Operation Blankets” and their new food pantry, Isabelle’s Pantry, will be up and running in about a month.

FireHouse Ministeries invites the community to see what we are about and become one and help all these people’s and families out.

FireHouse Ministeries accepts donation to help the homeless and to feed the community.

The goal of the FireHouse Ministeries is get more of the community involved and get these things up and running.

For more information about FireHouse Ministeries or how you can donate blanket or food, please contact Pastor Jim at: 1 (760) 443-4342.

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