Needles, CA: FireHouse Ministeries are helping homeless people stay warm in “Operation Blankets”.

Needles, CA: FireHouse Ministeries are helping homeless people stay warm in “Operation Blankets”.

Volunteers with FireHouse Ministeries are helping homeless people in the community stay warm by giving warm blankets as part of “Operation Blankets.”

Blankets that are donated, get taken out by volunteers into the community daily and giving out to homeless people in and around the community of Needles, California who are living in the cold.

Anybody who wants to donate blanks for homeless people, please contact Danielle at: 1 (702) 420-9868.

Firehouse Ministries, located at 809 Bush Street in Needles, California, continues to work on finding ways to better help homeless people in their community, and would like to partner up with local and county agencies such as Needles Housing Authority and Adult Protective Services as part of their goal.

Firehouse Ministries would like to build short-term to mid-term housing for homeless people and have services that will help homeless people with schooling or finding work, but this goal may take time and can only be done if there are people who are wanting to be part of the solution in addressing the homeless situation.

Anybody who wants to help homeless people, please contact Pastor Jim at: 1 (760) 443-4342.

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2 thoughts on “Needles, CA: FireHouse Ministeries are helping homeless people stay warm in “Operation Blankets”.

  1. What about the residents who actually live in this community? People who live here should be getting jobs first. Its a bad idea to promote this idea in a small community because once you cater to these people there will be hundreds coming here and more drugs and crime! So now there is going to be more junk also laying around the streets of Needles! Are you FireHouse Ministeries going to clean up after the homeless and the free blankets you are giving them? Send them to a bigger city with more services! Now this FireHouse Ministeries is creating a huge mess for the city of Needles!!!!!!!!! We don’t need to see more homeless people sleeping on the streets. Residents have a say and I don’t need FireHouse Ministeries creating more problems for Needles. I should be able to walk down the street and not have any issues and be safe and have a clean town without seeing people sleeping on the street!

    1. I’m sorry but maybe if you got to know some the homeless in our community, you would find out that most of them have been “residents” of this area for many years now. I’m sorry, but you just seem like you’re judging a group of people without getting to know them. As bad as the economy is, it doesn’t take much to become homeless these days.

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