Needles, CA: ZachNews Celebrates 8 Years of Independent News.

Needles, CA: ZachNews Celebrates 8 Years of Independent News.

At 12:58pm PT on Thursday, January 21st, 2010, Zachary A. Lopez began in Needles, California a independent news service called ZachNews for the people in the community.

Over those years, our community been through good and bad moments that we all witness on ZachNews together; from wildfire, monsoon stores, crashes, and closures of businesses, to grand openings of new businesses, building of medical marijuana facilities, community events that bring a community together, and fundraisers that unites us all to help people in our community.

As ZachNews celebrates 8 years of independent news, I would like to thank everybody who followed and became fans of ZachNews over these great years.

No matter what obstacles we all face, we will all stay strong, united, and not give up.

ZachNews continues to work hard on keeping all of my great following fans informed with the latest news, breaking news, local government, weather, traffic, sports, entertainment, and community events to the best that I can.

I may be limited to what I have to work with in bringing the news to everybody, but that will not stop ZachNews from reporting for you.

Thank You Everybody!



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