News Alert!!: Bullhead City, AZ: Bullhead City Council Meeting to discuss the selling of the River Regatta.

News Alert!!: Bullhead City, AZ: Bullhead City Council Meeting to discuss the selling of the River Regatta.

Members of the Bullhead City Council will be discussing the selling of the River Regatta during the Bullhead City Council Meeting being held at 5:30pm MST on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 at 1255 Marina Boulevard in Bullhead City, Arizona.

** You can view the agenda at the following website address: **

The agenda item will discuss the consideration of an offer by Marnell Gaming to purchase the Bullhead City River Regatta.

Bullhead City TV4 will broadcast live the Bullhead City Council Meeting online at the City of Bullhead City’s website:

You can also watch the live broadcast of the Bullhead City Council Meeting at Bullhead City, Arizona Government on Facebook.

Started in 2007, the River Regatta grew from 583 registrants to 29,329 registrants, people enjoying a ride down the Colorado River.

But concerns and complaints from the community about trash left behind from the event and the health of the Colorado River put the River Regatta on the hot seat, and in September 2016, members of the Bullhead City Council voted 4-3 to discontinue the River Regatta event.

Since the discontinued vote, a movement has slowly grown to bring back the River Regatta event has sparked a debate for and against the River Regatta event.

According to the aganda, Marnell Gaming has requested to take over the River Regatta, including owning, operating, and managing the river float.

The recommendation is to “direct the City Manager to negotiate and enter agreements with Marnell Gaming, consistent with the explanations noted above for: 1) the sale of all River Regatta social media, plans databases, and registration account information, various organizational documents, equipment, and supplies in return for Marnell Gaming’s payment of $25.000 to the City; and 2) the use of Rotary Park for the Regatta landing and other end of event activities, including the payment by Marnell Gaming to the City for a park rental fees, payment of costs of services deem necessary by the City  four items such as public safety, park management, trash containment and collection, and requiring the use agreement to be contingent upon Marnell Gaming’s commitment to a limit the event to 22,000 participants, $100.000 annually for river clean-up, a grant of a Coast Guard permit, compliance with weather safety cancellation plans and the preparation of liability release and insurance acceptable to the City.”

The public is being urged to attend the Bullhead City Council Meeting and voices their views, for or against, the River Regatta event.


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