Kingman, AZ: Father allegedly left daughter in the desert without shoes or water.

Kingman, AZ: Father allegedly left daughter in the desert without shoes or water.

According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, deputies arrested 28 year old Christopher Charles Watson of Kingman, Arizona on the morning of Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 for child abuse per domestic violence, a felony.

Approximately 9:00am MST, deputies responded to a welfare check to the 3700 block of East Packard Avenue.

Upon arrival, deputies contacted the reporting party.

The R.P. (Reporting Party) said that she was walking her dog on Norrie Drive when she observed a young girl walking by herself on the asphalt with no shoes and the little girl was crying.

The R.P. further said that she asked the little girl why she was crying and she said that her dad left her.

The R.P. advised that she walked the little girl to her house and called the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies noted the approximate temperate outside was 91 degrees when the reporting party found the little girl.

Deputies contacted the little girl identified as a 10 year old victim. The victim reported that her dad drove her out to the desert and forced her out of the truck.

The victim further reported that she hit her head when she reached for the door handle and her dad sped away.

The victim said that she started walking back toward the street when she started talking to the lady. Deputies observed the victim had a bite mark on her hand. The victim further said that her dad did that to her. The victim complained of a headache and her neck hurting.

Medical responded and transported the victim to Kingman Regional Medical Center where she was treated and later released. Department of Child Safety took custody of the victim.

Investigations determined the victim lives at a residence in the 3500 block of East John L Avenue with her younger brother and Watson, her father. The family recently moved to the area about 3 weeks ago.

At about 11:00am MST, detectives and deputies contacted Watson in the 3500 block of E John L Avenue. Watson was woken up from a nap. Deputies smelled an odor of alcohol on Watson.

Watson said that he and his daughter were having an ongoing argument when he decided to take her for a car ride which has calmed her down in the past. Apparently, Watson dragged his daughter from the front passenger seat, across his lap and out of the truck.

During conversations with Watson, he admitted to dropping his daughter off in the desert just north of McVicar Avenue and Norrie Drive without any water or shoes.

Further conversations with Watson, he said that he returned home and waited about 15 minutes before going back out for his daughter which he was unable to find her.

Watson was taken into custody without incident and was transported and booked into the Mohave County Jail.

Department of Child Safety took custody of Watson’s 9 year old son.

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