​Breaking News!!: Topock, AZ: Brush fire burning near the Colorado River.

Breaking News!!: Topock, AZ: Brush fire burning near the Colorado River.

A brush fire is burning near the Colorado River just west of Topock, Arizona.

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The brush fire was spotted at around 3:21pm PT on Sunday, July 9th, 2017.





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Flames were seen from across the Colorado River where boaters watch the flames and smoke.

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The dark smoke can be seen from Needles, California.

Multiple fire department agencies battling the brush fire as well as water dropping helicopters.

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According to the Mohave Valley Fire Department, the brush fire along Upper Levee Road is approximately 100 acres, no structures or neighborhoods threatened.

At this moment, no evacuations have been ordered.

Brush fire has entered the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge.

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Through the afternoon, flames from the brush fire continued to grow burning tall trees and dry brush.

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Firefighters are starting to get the upper hand on the brush fire preventing in keeping the brush from growing.

Firefighters will continue to monitor the brush fire area overnight.

The cause of the brush fire is unknown.

The Mohave Valley Fire Department is asking all bystanders to please stay clear of the area and remind the public that it’s against the law to fly drone aircraft over a brush fire, and there will be a temporary flight restriction issued for Monday.

According to the Mohave Valley Fire Department, we did have a drone fly over the fire today and stop derriere operations for approximately a half an hour.

This drone was launched from a boat on the Colorado River. Drones are a hazard to aircraft that are working the fire and firefighter safety.

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