Downtown Needles, CA: Growing winners in the desert during the Women’s Club of Needles’ 88th Annual Flower Show.

Downtown Needles, CA: Growing winners in the desert during the Women’s Club of Needles’ 88th Annual Flower Show.

The Women’s Club of Needles held their 88th Annual Flower Show on Saturday, April 8th, 2017 inside the Women’s Club of Needles Clubhouse in Downtown Needles, California.

The flower show brings together wonderful flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables grown out here in our desert community.

** List of Flower Show Winners: **

– Charles Cairns:
Won 5 Trophies:
Best Roses – Orange Roses
Best Shrub, Vine or Tree – Bottle Brush
Best Bouquet – Yellow Roses
Best of Color – Pink Roses
Best of Bulbs – Amaryllis

– Kriket Glass:
Won 2 Trophies:
Best Vegetables – Brussel Sprout plant
Peoples Choice – Brussel Sprout plant

– Tiffany Derichsweiler:
Won: Best Cut Flower – Prim Roses

– Sue Brown:
Won: Best Succulent – Elephant Tail

– Nancy Prochaska:
Won: Best Container  – Rubber Plant in a Rattan Bunny Basket

– Jan Paget:
Won: Best Artistic Arrangement – Florabundas Roses

– Wilma Baldwin:
Won: Best Potted Plant – Calathea

– Ellen Johnson:
Won: Judges Choice – Bougainvillea

– Lynne’s Garden:
Won 2 Trophies:
Best Children’s Vegetables  – Mixed Vegetable Basket
Best Children’s Herbs –  Mixed Herbs in Vegetable Basket

Krikit Glass helps teach children at Lynne’s Garden on how to grow a wonderful garden out here in the desert.

As seen in the picture, the children did a great job with their entry thanks to a great teacher.

– Elijah Johnson:
Won 2 Trophies:
Best Children’s Potted Plant – Mystery Bulb
Most Outstanding Children’s Entry – Mystery Bulb

Elijah Johnson found his plant more than half dead in the trash and nursed the plant back to life and to good health.

Elijah Johnson has no idea what kind of flower it will produce and has been excited to watch it flourish.

Wilma Baldwin, President of the Women’s  Club of Needles, tells ZachNews that this year’s flower show was a huge success and more information on the next flower show will be announced later in the Fall 2017 so start ‘planting’ ahead.

Wilma Baldwin thanks all who participated with their entries, to those that volunteered their time and energy to ensure the success of the 88th Annual Flower Show, and to our wonderful flower show judges Alberta Wilmot and the Honorable Mayor of the City of Needles Edward T. Paget, M.D..

Great Work Everybody!!

** Pictures from ZachNews. **

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