Needles, CA: Medical marijuana cultivation facility proposed at the old Taco Bell building?


Needles, CA: Medical marijuana cultivation facility proposed at the old Taco Bell building?

During a Needles Board of Public Utilities Meeting held on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 in Needles, California, talk of what could be coming soon to the old Taco Bell building in Needles, California.

On Tuesday, March 29th, 2016, Taco Bell permanently closed their fast food restaurant located at 2603 Columbus Street in Needles, California and the building has sat empty since with the community wondering what will be taking their placing and hoping that a another fast food restaurant or coffee and donuts place will go in there.


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Well discussing Resolution No. 2-21-17 BPU, authorizing funding in an amount not to exceed $82,000 for the completion of a 2015 capital improvement to construct a new electrical circuit from Eagle Pass Substation to a location in the vicinity of Columbus Drive, talk of a medical marijuana cultivation facility coming to the old Taco Bell building.

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ZachNews contacted the City of Needles and received information and map on the propose medical marijuana cultivation facility at the old Taco Bell building.


According to the Cindy Semione with the City of Needles, “The parcel outlined in red in the graphic below has been proposed for a medical marijuana cultivation facility, including 2 buildings, with the project moving forward in phases. The parcel outlined in green, the former Taco Bell property, was purchased by the same individuals, and in 2 meetings they indicated a desire to move forward with a hydroponic equipment retail store. I have asked for more information. They are in the process of providing additional information requested from the site plan review meeting. According to the Permissible Use Table, a retail store in the C-2 zone requires a Zoning Permit. Their “will serve” is requesting 4 MW of power; the water allocation request has not been identified yet. It has not yet been noticed for Planning Commission or City Council, pending the receipt of information requested.

According to Needles City Manager Rick Daniels, “The proposal is not yet complete, therefore it is not yet scheduled for a public hearing. When it is there will be public notice.

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