Breaking News!!: San Diego, CA: San Diego Chargers becomes the Los Angeles Chargers.


Breaking News!!: San Diego, CA: San Diego Chargers becomes the Los Angeles Chargers.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos has confirmed on Thursday, January 12th, 2017 that the San Diego Chargers is moving from San Diego, California to Los Angeles, California.


A letter from Chargers owner Dean Spanos was released moments ago today.


Soon after, the San Diego Chargers changed their Twitter page to become the Los Angeles Chargers.


Also, the new logo for the Chargers initially was posted with a L.A. and a lightning bolt going across the L.A.


Later, the new Los Angeles Chargers logo appeared on all of the Charger’s social media pages.


Players and fans are reacting to the move of the Chargers from San Diego, California to Los Angeles, California.

Some of the Chargers Players arriving to Chargers’ Headquarters, located at 4020 Murphy Canyon Road, in San Diego, California telling news media outlets that they found out of the move on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 over their mobile devices.

Chargers fans are very sad and hurt by the lost of their football team that they grow to love dearly.

Chargers fans are also upset and anger at both the announcement by Chargers owner Dean Spanos, the National Football League for allowing the football team to move, and City of San Diego Officials because Chargers fans say they didn’t do much to help their football team.

Chargers fans are seen throwing their San Diego Chargers jerseys, posters, and memorabilia onto the ground in front of the street and ground of Chargers’ Headquarters and stepping on them and driving over them.

But, some fans who still support the Chargers are seen picking up those dumped San Diego Chargers jerseys, posters, and memorabilia saying that these Chargers jerseys, posters, and memorabilia shouldn’t be thrown to the ground and be treated like garbage.

Chargers supporters say that the Chargers owner Dean Spanos is to blame and be hated on for the decision and not the Chargers players.

Chargers supporters want former Chargers fans to instead of trashing their San Diego Chargers jerseys, donate them to the homeless.

News media reports that Chargers owner Dean Spanos left in a S.U.V. from the Chargers’ Headquarters and entering San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field) in San Diego, California to board a plane to Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti posted on Twitter a message welcoming the Chargers in Los Angeles, California.

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