Breaking News!!: Norco, CA: Police pursuit of a stolen vehicle ends at Wienerschnitzel.


Breaking News!!: Norco, CA: Police pursuit of a stolen vehicle ends at Wienerschnitzel.

A police pursuit of a stolen vehicle has ended in a Wienerschnitzel parking lot in Norco, California.

California Highway Patrol chased the reported stolen vehicle on eastbound Interstate 10 across the San Gabriel Valley, California area and entered into San Bernardino County, California getting onto southbound Interstate 15 in Ontario, California.

The police pursuit continued along southbound Interstate 15 entering Riverside County, California.

During the police pursuit, the stolen vehicle lost a tire, possible well making a transition onto another Interstate earlier.


** Picture from NBC affiliate KNBC Channel 4: **

The police pursuit came to an end as the stolen vehicle exited off southbound Interstate 15 onto 6th Street, entered in then out of a gas station, went southbound on Hamner Avenue, and pulled into the parking lot of a Wienerschnitzel, located at 3645 Hamner Avenue near 6th Street, in Norco, California.

The suspect exited the stolen vehicle, got on the ground with hands out to the side, and was taken into police custody.

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