News Update!!: Azusa, CA: Cocaine binge gunman goes on a shooting rampage.

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News Update!!: Azusa, CA: Cocaine binge gunman goes on a shooting rampage.

A shooting rampage involving a cocaine binge gunman that occurred on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 in Azusa, California.

A men who was the gunman’s neighbor was killed well in route to the hospital and 2 women are injured in a shooting rampage.

According to Azusa Police Department, the incident was reported at 2:05pm PT near Memorial Park on North Orange Avenue.

According to Deputy Kelvin Moody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Information Bureau, Homicide Bureau Detectives who were assisting with the investigation learned the gunman, a 45 year old man, was on a cocaine binge when he stepped outside of his home.

The gunman began shooting at passing cars, hitting a woman driving a van, which later crashed.

The gunman then walked up to his 77 year old a men who was his neighbor and fatally wounded him.

The gunman then shot another woman down the street from that shooting.

The law enforcement officers went to the home on a call of shots fired.

The gunman ambushed law enforcement officers after killing his neighbor, but no law enforcement officers were injured.

The shootout involved 5 law enforcement officers from Azusa Police Department and a law enforcement officer from Irwindale, California.

The 2 women were listed in critical condition with a women wounded in the face and a women shot in the body.


** Picture from NBC affiliate KNBC Channel 4: **

The gunman involved in the shooting rampage was shot and killed by law enforcement.

The shooting rampage prompted the lockdown of 2 schools and 2 Polling Places at Dalton Elementary School and Memorial Park where people were casting their votes in the Presidential General Election 2016.

Voters who were going to use these closed Polling Places were advised to go to any other Polling Places in the area to cast their vote.

SWAT Officers located the dead gunman nearly 4 hours later at a house in the 500 block of Fourth Street.

Law enforcement officers found a rifle near his body in the doorway of a home, but they don’t believe the man killed himself.


According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the shooting rampage doesn’t appear to have any direct connection to the election.

“The shooting had nothing to do with the ballot or voting,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant John Corina.

The shooting rampage continues to be under investigation.


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