Elections 2016: San Bernardino County, CA: 1st District San Bernardino County Supervisor Candidate: Robert Lovingood.


Elections 2016: San Bernardino County, CA: 1st District San Bernardino County Supervisor Candidate: Robert Lovingood.


With just a few days away from Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, voters in San Bernardino County, California’s 1st District will be having the chance to vote on who will he their next supervisor to work for the people.


ZachNews sent out the following questions to both candidates running for the 1st District San Bernardino County Supervisor seat and received their answers from both of the candidates.


**** The following are subjects and questions sent and answers by candidate Robert Lovingood: ****


** The terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 hit us all hard, losing lots of innocent lives and putting both employee and public safe as well as protection against terrorists front and center for our County.


– What would you do to keep employees and communities safe and protected against terrorists?


I will always be saddened by that day — such suffering so close to home. But, I also have used that day as a constant reminder that the first priority of any elected official is to public safety. As we move forward, I will continue to work to ensure Sheriff McMahon, District Attorney Ramos and our law enforcement professionals have the resources they need to fight crime and terrorism. We cannot assume a tragic day like this will not happen again, and therefore as a County Supervisor, I will continue to work with my colleagues to find ways we can improve safety for our citizens and County employees,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– What are some of the things you’ve done to address this issue?


Along with working with the District Attorney and the County Sheriff to ensure they have the resources they need, the County has allocated approximately $10.2 million in funds towards improving security at County facilities. This includes $8.2 million in immediate improvements to facilities, such as expanded security guard services, upgraded security cameras and key card access installations, and $2.0 million to conduct a security assessment of all County facilities. Along with working with the District Attorney and the County Sheriff to ensure they have the resources they need, my colleagues and I have instructed the County Administrative Office to commence a countywide effort to document the impact and ongoing response to the December 2, 2015 terrorist attack, while working to create a historic and best-practices policy,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


** Law enforcement have been in the news more and more this year; from concerns by the public over too much use of force and deadly shootings by law enforcement, to law enforcement losing their lives and communities wanting to see more law enforcement on the streets protection us against criminals.


– What do you think needs to be done to address any concerns or complaints communities have about law enforcement?


We need to continue to improve upon community policing, making certain police officers have the resources needed to ingratiate themselves within the community — this will open up dialogue between the community and public safety professionals — allowing both sides to become familiar with one another,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– What do you want to do to both help law enforcement so they can protect and serve our communities?


When it pertains to the safety of our residents, I will continue to look to our Sheriff for guidance. With that said, my job as a County Supervisor is to promote a healthy fiscal environment so our County’s revenues continue to improve — and protect tax dollars to ensure the County has the resources needed to fully fund public safety,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– Do you think enough is being done and served to protect communities against criminals, to hold criminals accountable, and to help better relationship between law enforcement and communities?


As I stated above, the first responsibility of any elected official is safety for their constituents. Having said that, I have allocated funds for a wide variety of public safety projects in the High Desert, including special crime operations (please see articles below) and community based programs for seniors and youth,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


(Links below provided by Candidate Robert Lovingood):








** I know you love our community of Needles, California and want to see more then for our community of Needles, California. You’ve been busying with projects in Needles, California with the new bus service and new fire station as well as giving $5,000 for Needles youth camp.


– Tell us about those projects that you help bring to Needles, California?


The Victor Valley Transit Authority will be providing transportation from Needles to Barstow and Victorville on Fridays. This is a cost effective local solution for veterans, seniors and the general public. The route is also solution to help deal with the State’s funding cuts to courts in Needles and Barstow. The Community of Needles deserves a state-of- the-art fire station to serve the needs of the community. Along with my colleagues, we have a vision for the county that seeks to improve public safety for the residents and visitors to our County. Having three children myself, I feel it is absolutely imperative to give children a safe environment to learn and play — they are the backbone of our community and they deserve nothing less,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


** A lot is still needed to help this community, especially after the last few years of business closings, no jobs and residents leaving because there’s not enough services here in the community.


– Do you think enough is being done and served from your office for our community of Needles, California?


There are always areas we can improve upon and do more, but I am very proud of the accomplishments over the last four years in regards to the community of Needles. Moving forward, my number one priorities since being elected have always been creating jobs, eliminating waste and abuse in county government, keeping our neighborhoods safe and protecting our county from terrorism — I will continue to use these principals to serve the community of Needles and our County as a whole,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– What projects and help will you bring for Needles, California and communities in the County like us if you’re elected?


For the last four years my office and I have been working hard to bring the right projects and right help to our local communities, California and Needles. Please review my County website (listed below) for a list of projects and County newsletter,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


(Links below provided by Candidate Robert Lovingood):






** Medical marijuana and industry.


– What is your stance on medical marijuana?


More research needs to be done to understand the benefits of medical marijuana,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– What do you think of the many new medical marijuana related industry developing in Needles, California?


As a County Supervisor, it’s my job to provide support to our local municipal governments — the community of Needles (the will of the people) will decide if this is right for their community — and I support their decision,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– What do you think of legalizing marijuana?


“I think more research needs to be done before legalizing marijuana,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– Will this help or hurt the County if marijuana is legal?


Again, I think there needs to be more comprehensive research on the subject before a decision can be made,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


** Reaction was very strong after a Fox 11 Investigates news report “The Children Are Dying” about allegations of problems at the San Bernardino County Children and Family Services department. Whistleblowers allege San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services ignored children being abused, tortured, and killed, children who were under the supervision of the San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services.


– What is your response to this news report by Fox 11 Investigates regarding San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services?


– What would you do if elected to address any problems with the San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services?


Above all else, I am a parent first — so I was very saddened to hear of these allegations — it hit right to the heart. As a County Supervisor, I have moved to strengthen child welfare protections, please read those recommendations here (link below),” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


(Link below provided by Candidate Robert Lovingood):




** Attacks against you and your past well in office.


– Is there anything you would like to clear up or address regarding what people and officials have said publicly about your past well in past and current department and office seats?


– Anything to address regarding lawsuits or claims against you, Supervisor Robert Lovingood?


No, I am proud of the accomplishments I have made over the past four years, and I will continue working hard to improve upon them. Sadly, as we have seen political campaigns sometimes bring out the worst in some candidates –– a willingness to say and do anything to win. My opponent fits into that category, but I am confident in the wisdom of the voters to make the right decision,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


** Some voters and city officials think what you’ve doing now is all because of the elections, accuse you of not doing much for the community before the elections because they say you were too busy serving only 2 communities (Apple Valley and Victorville).


– What would like to say to those voters and city officials who say you’re doing a lot now for their community just because of the election?


To please take a look at my track record of over the last four years, of course, there is always more to do and improve on, but I am very pleased with what we have accomplished,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


– What would you do to address those voters and city official’s concerns that after the elections and if you’re voted back into office, you’ll ignore their community?


Again, to please take a look at my track record which is one of accomplishments. With that said, my staff and myself can always be contacted with any concerns through my county website or through my district offices located in Victorville and San Bernardino,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


** In closing.


– What do you want voters of our great County to know about before they vote in the November 2016 elections?


If elected, in my second term, my top priorities are public safety, creating jobs and making government efficient for our County taxpayers. I will also continue to focus on the concerns of my consituents: taxes, reneweable enegery, builiding our region’s much needed infrastructure and veterans issues,” said Candidate Robert Lovingood.


** More Information on Candidate Robert Lovingood:

– Robert Lovingood’s Phone Contact:


1 (760) 995-8100


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Thank you to Candidate Robert Lovingood for responding to ZachNews and good luck.


**** You heard from the candidate, now you decide. Just remember to please go out and vote. ****


** More Information: Voting in San Bernardino County, California: **




**** ZachNews will have continuing news coverage on Elections 2016 shortly after the Needles City Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 from the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Needles, California. ****

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