Elections 2016: San Bernardino County, CA: 1st District San Bernardino County Supervisor Candidate: Angela Valles.


Elections 2016: San Bernardino County, CA: 1st District San Bernardino County Supervisor Candidate: Angela Valles.


With just a few days away from Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, voters in San Bernardino County, California’s 1st District will be having the chance to vote on who will he their next supervisor to work for the people.


ZachNews sent out the following questions to both candidates running for the 1st District San Bernardino County Supervisor seat and received their answers from both of the candidates.


** The following are subjects and questions sent and answers by candidate Angela Valles: **


** Your background and job history.


– Tell us a little about you background and job history in past departments and offices you served on?


“I was born and raised in Victor Valley; I struggled in my youth while in the County Foster Care system and became a single mother at the age of 16. The high desert is my home and this is where I love to live. I have raised my children, and successfully achieved my personal and career goals. I began my professional career as a correctional officer in 1997 at Victor Valley Medium Community Correctional Facility after earning my GED and AA at Victor Valley College. I was determined to provide for my family, so I worked hard and advanced, eventually becoming the Warden at the correctional facility. I am currently the Director of Finance for the Victor Valley Waste Water Reclamation Authority since 2005. I also hold Bachelors from Azusa Pacific University in Organizational Leadership and Master’s Degree from Pepperdine University School of Business. In 2007, I was elected to the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees where I eventually served as Board President. In 2010, I was elected to the Victorville City Council where I worked hard with the board to fix the financial problems and to balance their $204.5 million-dollar budget,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** The terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 hit us all hard. We lost lots of innocent lives – both county employees and members of the public. We must put public safety as well as protection against terrorist’s front and center for our County.


– What would you do to keep employees and communities safe and protected against terrorists?


“Unfortunately, there isn’t an awful lot a county official can do to minimize and prevent terrorist attacks from occurring in the future. The federal government is in charge of vetting immigrants and refugees. And they are in charge of keeping our homeland safe. But, that does not mean we should be silent and just ignore the issue. This is one of the reasons why I have been so outspoken on the Syrian refugee issue and extremely disappointed by my opponent’s response. Our government should not be bringing in Syrian refugees. We cannot vet them. And we cannot ensure that they will not engage in terrorist acts on our soil. We need to help refugees by creating safe zones in their homeland so that we can protect American lives. Local officials should be speaking out and putting pressure on their federal representatives to do something on this matter. Instead, my opponent sticks his head in the sand and says that it isn’t his problem. I also have called attention to government dumping of refugees, right here in San Bernardino County, just six months after the terrorist attack. We’re these refugees vetted properly? I will continue to questioning our government officials about their Refugee resettlement policy and making sure that the vetting process is completed properly,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


– What are some of the things you’ve done to address this issue?


“Public safety is a huge issue for voters in this district. My opponent claims that crime is down. I have not met one person who feels that crime is down. I have not met one person who feels safer. There is a disconnect between government and the people when my opponent says crime is down and yet people don’t believe it. They don’t trust their government. The State has failed to honor its responsibilities and obligations when it comes to public safety. They are dumping prisoners on county governments or releasing them entirely. If the State is going to shirk its responsibilities then it is time for local governments to push back and also seek out creative solutions. I am not opposed to creating tent city jails in our beautiful desert since overcrowding appears to be an issue. I believe they can be cheap and effective. Law Enforcement officers are trained well and work hard to protect the public on a daily basis. No one could have predicted what happened that day, but law enforcement responded in a very professional manner. With that said, the fact is that even after their last raise, our law Enforcement Officers are one of the lowest paid in the area. I want to do something about that to ensure adequate staffing levels. Ensuring the residents and our neighborhoods are safe is a priority for me and will receive my focused attention. Raising the salary of our law enforcement will allow us to better retain our veteran officers, and then bring in more trained officers to help patrol our streets and keep our communities safe,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** Law enforcement has been in the news more and more this year; from concerns by the public over too much use of force and deadly shootings by law enforcement, to law enforcement losing their lives and communities wanting to see more law enforcement on the streets to protect us against criminals.


– What do you think needs to be done to address any concerns or complaints communities have about law enforcement?


“Our law enforcement have a very difficult job. My husband retired from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as a lieutenant. So, I am very in tune with the complexities of this issue. I believe that most police officers are good people trying to make a difference in their communities. However, bad cops stain their badge, their departments, and a free society when they abuse their power. We need to hold these individual(s) accountable and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. The most important component of this process is ensuring transparency.],” said Candidate Angela Valles.


– What do you want to do to both help law enforcement so they can protect and serve our communities?


Do you think enough is being done and served to protect communities against criminals, to hold criminals accountable, and to help better relationship between law enforcement and communities?


“I will say again; Law Enforcement officers are doing a great job! But we can also help them do their job. Community forums are a positive way for residents to come together to talk about concerns and how to address specific issues. When the community has a good relationship with their elected officials and law enforcement, they can work together to make their communities safer. Having more law enforcement, and more veteran and experienced law enforcement can serve a community better than law enforcement that is made up of new deputies that are spread way too thin over a large area. I do not believe enough is being done to protect communities against criminals when the State of California is constantly releasing inmates back into our communities. When sentences are reduced and inmates are set free without serving their time, they are back on the streets and back in our communities committing more crimes. We as Californians need to stand together and say enough is enough,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** I know you love our community of Needles, California and want to see more then for our community of Needles, California. Lots is still needed to help this community, especially after the last few years of business closings, no jobs and residents leaving because there’s not enough services here in the community.


– Do you think enough is being done and served to our community of Needles, California?


“Based on the feedback I have received from residents, it does not seem that the county is meeting the needs or concerns of the people. It definitely seems like the county has taken an “out of sight – out of mind” approach to Needles,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


– What projects and help will you bring for Needles, California and communities in the County like us if you’re elected?


“Item #1 on my agenda for Needles will be improving the condition of the highway. Basic infrastructure and public safety should never be compromised. I have also heard concerns about police response times and code enforcement concerns. I want the people of Needles to know that my door is always going to be open and that your concerns will be heard. Reaching out to businesses and working with developers to bring projects that will also bring good permanent jobs, to our region and ensuring that they have what they need to remain in our communities is a priority. A continued working relationship between developers, businesses, and economic development to ensure that we can provide a highly trained workforce will help bring new jobs to our region and retain the ones that we have,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** Medical marijuana and industry.


– What is your stand on medical marijuana?


“I support medical cannabis, cultivation and testing. I do not support recreational use of marijuana.


– What do you think of the many new medical marijuana related industry developing in Needles, California?


“I do not support legalization of Marijuana. I agree with most law enforcement agencies and officials that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads many to other addictions. All of us (but especially as youth) should avoid taking any substance into our bodies that take away our ability to make good rational decisions. And while I do not support the decriminalization of marijuana, I do support medical cannabis when prescribed by a competent physician after a complete physical evaluation. I have family members who have health issues where the oil from cannabis is the only drug that helps relieve their pain. Cannabis is a drug and should be used just like other prescribed medications to help heal, not open to the public to self-medicate. As long as the medical cannabis related industries are legal and are not causing criminal activities or problems for the surrounding areas I am ok with it especially if they are providing jobs,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


– What do you think of legalizing marijuana?


– Will this help or hurt the County if marijuana is legal?


“I do not support legalization of marijuana and I think it would hurt the County if marijuana is legalized. Marijuana is a drug and should only be used as such,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** Reaction was very strong after a Fox 11 Investigates news report “The Children Are Dying” about allegations of problems at the San Bernardino County Children and Family Services department. Whistleblowers allege San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services ignored children being abused, tortured, and killed, children who were under the supervision of the San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services.


– What is your response to this news report by Fox 11 Investigates regarding San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services?


– What would you do if elected to address any problems with the San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services?


“Our Social workers cannot succeed when they are carrying caseloads that are 2 to 3 times larger than the normal accepted work load. Because of that we have children falling through the cracks. Sometimes they are moved from one abusive situation to another. I suggest that a thorough investigation into the County’s budget, specifically into our social services, needs to happen right away. I know what it’s like living in the Foster Care system, I hope for the children now in the program that they will have the funding needed for adequate social services, and that the county is allocated them correctly. When elected, I will do all in my power to make sure this review in done. If county administration is making sure that social services is getting the funding they need, then the next question is, is the department allocating its funding correctly? Our social workers are overburdened with this workload. They cannot provide the high quality of service that they would like to unless things change,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** Attacks against you and your past well in office.


– Is there anything you would like to clear up or address regarding what people and officials have said publicly about your past well in past and current department and office seats?


– Anything to address regarding lawsuits or allegations towards you?


– Anything to address regarding lawsuits or claims related to a wastewater agency, city councilman from Hesperia, California, and Supervisor Robert Lovingood?


“Let me start with the city council. When I see that something isn’t right, I will always ask questions. Sometimes this is perceived as someone being a troublemaker. While serving one term on the Victorville City Council I witness many decisions that were being made behind closed doors in “closed session” instead of in the public where they belong, so I tried to implement changes. First, I implemented the rule that closed sessions for the City must be recorded. These meetings are still confidential, but it keeps everyone in check, and they can’t just make shady deals without future consequences. Second, I also tried to implement term limits for the City Council members, elected officials should not be able to serve indefinitely. Unfortunately, my colleagues did not agree and the term limits so this idea was not implemented. These and other decisions I made did not make my former colleagues happy with me, but I still to this day feel like it was the right thing to do. As far as the lawsuit with my place of business, I was suspended for months while under investigation and I was demoted. Once the investigation concluded and found no wrong doing on my part, VVWWRA decided not to reinstate me to my former position. If I was found of no wrong doing, I should be able to return to my former position before the investigation, unfortunately they refused and my only course of action at that point was litigation. This lawsuit is still pending due to whistle blowing on Robert Lovingood’s 1090 violations. Supervisor Lovingood made over half a million dollars with his private temporary employee business while serving in his position as County Supervisor. I believe he influenced the decision by being the Supervisor, and his position helped his company to secure these contracts. I stand out because I don’t think it’s right, and I was the first and only one asking for the FPPC and Dan to investigate these violations,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** In closing.


– What do you want voters of our great County to know about before they vote in the November 2016 elections?


“I am running for the San Bernardino County Supervisor, 1 st District, because the high desert deserves a Supervisor that will put THIER interests first. Who doesn’t just talk about good government- but will do something about it! The people living in the 1 st District are looking for a change. They want a real connection with their elected leader. They want to know that the issues that concern them are important to their County Supervisor. I promise that I will put you, my constituents, first! I promise! My focus as County Supervisor starts with:

Improving Public Safety in the High Desert

Bringing the economy and jobs back to the High Desert

Improving Roads

Protecting our abused and neglected children

Protecting our quality of Life with quality development

Transparency to County Government

And ends with you! I promise!,” said Candidate Angela Valles.


** More Information on Candidate Angela Valles: **

– Angela Valles Phone Contact:


1 (760) 680-5918


– Angela Valles Email:




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Thank you to Candidate Angela Valles for responding to ZachNews and good luck.


**** You heard from the candidate, now you decide. Just remember to please go out and vote. ****


** More Information: Voting in San Bernardino County, California: **




**** ZachNews will have continuing news coverage on Elections 2016 shortly after the Needles City Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 from the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Needles, California. ****

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