Sports Alert!!: Needles, CA: Scores: Needles Mustangs wins against Meadows School.


Sports Alert!!: Needles, CA: Scores: Needles Mustangs wins against Meadows School.

The Needles Mustangs has wins against the Meadows School during a home conference high school football game held on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at Needles High School in Needles, California.

**** Scores: ****

** Varsity Football: Final: **

Needles Mustangs: 34

– Meadows School: 7


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The high school football game began with both teams trying to win the field position game.

But both teams were unable to move the ball on offense and as Halftime arrived, both teams were scoreless.


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But as both teams took the football field for the 3rd Quarter, the Needles Mustangs stormed past the Meadows School defense and mount a scoring drive.

After the Needles Mustangs were able to put some more game scoring runs and drives against the Meadows School.

Needles Mustangs’ #24 Derek Wagstaff speed down the highway field in 2 rushing touchdown, and with a 2 point conversion, the Needles Mustangs was at 14 points in just minutes into the 3rd Quarter.

Meadows School getting on the sourced board with 7 points with a rushing touchdown by Meadows School’s #7 Jack Berkley and Point After Touchdown by Meadows School’s #3 Adam Cohen in the 3rd Quarter.

As the 4th Quarter started, Needles Mustangs’ #24 Derek Wagstaff stormed down that football field for a 43 yard rushing touchdown.

Later, Needles Mustangs’ #7 Jayden Yeager with a 2 yard rushing touchdown bringing the score for the Needles Mustangs to 34 points over Meadows School with 7 points.

As the 4th Quarter ended, the Needles Mustangs wins at home to a cheering crowd of people and a home playoff game in Needles, California.

– Needles, CA: 10-27-2016: Needles Mustangs wins against Meadows School.

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After the high school football game, ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez spoke with Needles Mustangs team and crew about the game, the win, and next week’s playoff game.

According to the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association, Needles Mustangs will have a home playoff game at 7:00pm PT on Friday, November 4th, 2016 at Needles High School in Needles, California.

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Needles, Lake Mead Academy, Lincoln County and Meadows are in the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (N.I.A.A.) Football Playoffs Tournament 2016 in Class 2A State Football.

ZachNews will be reporting on the playoff game in Needles, California next week.

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– 4th Quarter:

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