Breaking News!!: Upland, CA: Missing teenagers from Rialto, California found safe.


Breaking News!!: Upland, CA: Missing teenagers from Rialto, California found safe.

ZachNews can confirmed that the 2 missing teenagers who were reported missing on Monday, October 17th, 2016 in Rialto, California, have been found safe.


Rialto Police Department Detective Mike Morales tells ZachNews that 14 years old Edward Contreras and 14 years old Mckenzie Lugo were found in Upland, California by a friend.

Authorities and family search San Bernardino County, California as tips of their whereabouts were coming in.

The search for the 2 missing teenagers even came into the Needles, California area after tips of their whereabouts came in from local restaurants and residents.

Authorities and the family are thanking everybody, including ZachNews, for helping in finding the 2 missing teenagers.

Melissa Contreras tells ZachNews that they are thankful they were found and that, “we truly could’ve did it without all of those involved in the social media and I give all glory to God.”

Jorge Alberto Lugo Beltran tells ZachNews, “It gives me such great relief  to announce both missing teenagers were found safe in Upland, Ca this afternoon and are now home. Our friends and family  from both Mackenzie and Edward family  would like to thank all of the Needles, Ca residents and community  including the  surroundings areas for the outpouring of support throughout  this ordeal. There is truly good and amazing people out in the world that work to make this world a better and safer place to live in and Needles, Ca sets the example. Thank you, again.”
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