Downtown Needles, CA: Community celebrates the 40th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days Parade.


Downtown Needles, CA: Community celebrates the 40th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days Parade.

The 40th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days Parade was held on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 along West Broadway in Downtown Needles, California.

** Video from ZachNews on YouTube: **

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez recorded the parade as the many great dancers, beautiful floats, and proud marching bands made their way pass the big crowd of people, including families with children awaiting candy thrown out during the parade each year.

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** Pictures from ZachNews: **

During the parade, many of the participants were seen wearing purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month well other participants were seen wearing shirts in support of the Standing Rock Reservation against the North Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

The parade was part of the 40th Annual Fort Mojave Indian Days held in Needles, California celebrating the culture, heritage, and history of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe.

There were a lots of activities, dances, music, and food after the parade near the tribal headquarters located in the California Village in Needles, California.

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