Breaking News!!: Townville, SC: Shooting at Townville Elementary School.


Breaking News!!: Townville, SC: Shooting at Townville Elementary School.

There has been a shooting at Townville Elementary School, located at 105 State Road, in Townville, South Carolina.

The shooting happened at 2:00pm ET on Wednesday, Septmber 28th, 2016.


** Picture from NBC News: **

According to the Anderson County Emergency Management, at least 2 children and a female teacher were injured in the shooting.

Parents were waiting nearby for their children who are being brought out of the back of the school.


The evacuated students moved by bus to Oakdale Baptist Church, located at 6724 Highway 24, in Townville, South Carolina.

Authorities are telling family members to go to the church, not to the school.

SWAT Teams were seen searching the school for the lone shooter.

Authorities have a teenage suspect is in police custody.


** Picture from NBC affiliate WYFF Channel 4: **

Authorities are also on scene of a reported death just 3 miles from school.

The shooting death at this location is connected with the shooting at the school.

** More information is still coming into ZachNews. **

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