News Update!!: Palm Springs, CA: Big rig truck police pursuit ends with suspect arrested.


News Update!!: Palm Springs, CA: Big rig truck police pursuit ends with suspect arrested.


A big rig truck police pursuit is ended with the suspect in police custody at a rest stop off Interstate 10 near Palm Springs, California.


The police pursuit started after a big rig truck belonged to ACTenviro, a hazardous waste management firm, was stolen from a hotel parking lot in Barstow, California before 6:00am PT on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016.


The owner of firm, Walter Singer, tells KNBC 4 News that the big rig truck had been stolen from a hotel parking lot in Barstow, California and the thief disabled a GPS tracking device, but the company was able to find the truck’s location through a second tracking device and notified authorities.


At around 10:33am PT on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputies tried to stop the big rig truck in Apple Valley, California, but the suspect didn’t stop.


As news outlets began broadcasting live the police pursuit of the stolen big rig truck, ACTenviro posted on their website:


“An ACT tractor trailer from Sunnyvale, CA bound for Nevada containing 78 drums of non-flammable, non-radioactive debris primarily from laboratory and manufacturing research and development processes was stolen sometime before 6:00 am while parked overnight in Barstow, CA. The thief or thieves appear to have disabled the GPS tracking device. ACT was able to locate the truck at approximately 9:00 am using built-in secondary tracking equipment. We immediately forwarded the location on to law enforcement. Local news in Southern California and Arizona followed a CHP pursuit of the vehicle in the Inland Empire area. Mercifully and thankfully, the pursuit came to a peaceful conclusion just before 1:45 pm Pacific Time. We commend the professionalism of the California Highway Patrol in bringing this to a peaceful resolution and extend them our sincerest thanks.”


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The suspect drove along southbound Interstate 15 then got onto eastbound Highway 60, then onto eastbound 10 Freeway before going into the high desert along eastbound Highway 62.


During the over 3 hour long police pursuit, the driver drove in and out of San Bernardino County, California and Riverside County, California at speeds reaching up to 70 mph.


The police pursuit went across several cities including Apple Valley, California; Moreno Valley, California; Gilman Springs, California; Beaumont, California; Banning, California; Yucca Valley, California; Joshua Tree, California; and Twentynine Palms, California before making a u-turn along Highway 62 heading westbound.


The police pursuit continued westbound then southbound along Highway 62 passing again Yucca Valley, California and Joshua Tree, California before entering near Desert Hot Springs, California in Riverside County, California.


The police pursuit then got onto eastbound Interstate 10 just west of Palm Springs, California heading back in the direction where he was earlier.


The police pursuit came to an end at around 1:39pm PT at a rest stop off Interstate 10 west of Palm Springs, California.


The driver pulling into a parking spot, getting out of the big rig truck with his hands up, and got taken into police custody.


Authorities said that suspect who stole the truck has a criminal record and during the police pursuit, the suspect said he wasn’t armed and doesn’t want to go back to jail.


According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the suspect is identified as 48 year old James Edgley from Victorville, California.


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