​Downtown Needles, CA: Popular eatery remains closed after being damaged in a powerful storm 2 years ago.

​Downtown Needles, CA: Popular eatery remains closed after being damaged in a powerful storm 2 years ago.

At around 4:00pm PT on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014, a powerful storm with down pouring rain and gusty winds over 80 mph hit the community of Needles, California causing major damage around the community.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary Lopez captured on camera all of the mess and damages that the powerful storm caused onto the community.

From several large trees fell in front of the Needles Four Seasons Nursery Metal and a mobile trailer office used by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad fell and came off its foundation, to brick walls behind Saint Ann’s Catholic Church and River Valley Air Conditioning Inc. being knocked over and a mobile home trailer being blown over off of Monterey Avenue, the powerful storm made a mess around the community. 

Many of the mess and damages were cleaned up within days to months after the powerful storm, but 2 years later, a popular eatery for delicious burgers, fresh hot fries, and cold milkshakes that the community can enjoy well socializing with great people remains closed and abandon with some of the damage still lying there.

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** Pictures from August 2016: **

The Burger Hut restaurant, located on the corner of West Broadway and D Street in Downtown Needles, California was severely damaged in the powerful storm 2 years ago with the roof blown off causing lots of water damage inside. 

Despite the popular eatery being open at the moment the powerful storm hit, thankfully nobody was injured.

As scene on ZachNews, the owners wanted the community to know that they were going to rebuild and reopen Burger Hut, and even showing of their blueprints for the new Burger Hut to City of Needles Officials during last year’s 10-10 event luncheon.

But despite the blueprints been seen and the permits issued in July 2016 allowing the rehab of the property, the popular eatery remains closed on Friday, August 12th, 2016 with only a commercial wrought iron fencing placed around the property.

As a light rain falls on the closed Burger Hut, the community continue to hope and pray that the popular eatery will reopen soon and bring back life into the Downtown Needles, California area.

We all wait and hope that Burger Hut returns as well as their friendly service, they’re delicious milkshakes, street tacos, and ghosts pepper chili burrito that we all enjoyed.

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