Breaking News!!: Needles, CA: Rollover traffic accident.


Breaking News!!: Needles, CA: Rollover traffic accident.


A rollover accident involving 2 vehicles occurred at the intersection of Needles Highway and West Broadway in Needles, California.


The traffic accident was reported at around 6:10pm PT on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016.


San Bernardino County Fire Department, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and Baker Emergency Medical Services responded to the rollover traffic accident.


Witnesses seen a firefighter working inside a flipped over vehicle and a medical stretcher being ready to transport somebody.


An ambulance from Baker Emergency Medical Services was seen leaving the rollover traffic accident in route to Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, California.


ZachNews is awaiting more information on the person or person’s involved in the rollover traffic accident.

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  1. Not surprised at all. A lot of cars speed and rarely stop for pedestrians at the crosswalk near the Colorado River liquor store. I was scared because a truck never stopped for me while I was crossing and I thought it was going to hit me. A woman just waved me and my five year old niece over instead of stopping while we were in the middle of the cross walk! Instead of a rollover it might be a hit and run.

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