Breaking News!!: St. Joseph, MI: Shooting at the Berrien County Courthouse.


Breaking News!!: St. Joseph, MI: Shooting at the Berrien County Courthouse.

Authorities say there was at courthouse shooting on Monday, July 11th, 2016 inside the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan.


The incident occurred at around 2:25pm CT on the third floor of the Berrien County courthouse when an inmate broke loose and got his hands on a deputy’s gun.


According to the Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey, that at least 2 bailiffs were shot and killed, and another deputy and a civilian were injured, transported to Lakeland Hospital, and were in stable condition.


People in the area of the shooting sought shelter before authorities were able to come to their rescue and taken down and killing the shooter.


According to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, the courthouse is secure and the scene is safe and there were no other injuries reported in connection with this incident.


Officers from Michigan State Police and the FBI have been called in to assist.


Berrien County has confirmed that the courthouse will be closed on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 and all in-custody arraignments and emergency matters will be held while the court offices remain closed.


More information is still coming into ZachNews.

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