Weather Update!!: Needles, CA: Monsoon thunderstorm brings dusty winds, heavy rain, and small hail.

Weather Update!!: Needles, CA: Monsoon thunderstorm brings dusty winds, heavy rain, and small hail.

Monsoon thunderstorm hits the Needles, California area on Thursday, June 30th, 2016 bringing into the area dusty winds, heavy rain, and small hail on what was a hot and sticky day.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez was in the storm as the monsoon thunderstorm moved south from the north into the Needles, California area.

Dust began to blow across Interstate 40 near Lillyhill Drive at around 6:00pm PT blowing over a trampoline into a next door neighbor’s back yard along the 2200 block of Paseo Del Rey Street.



Michelle Corlee sent to ZachNews these pictures of the monsoon thunderstorm moving over Needles, California at around 6:00pm PT.

At around 7:00pm PT, the heavy rain, small hail, and thunder with lightning hits the community, including along Lillyhill Drive, San Clemente Street, and East Broadway.

There were some street and intersection flooding in the usual areas in and around Needles, California, but flooding didn’t last long.

By 9:00pm PT, some lightning was spotted in the clouds over Needles, California bringing a crazy end of June 2016.

According to the National Weather Service, as of 10:00pm PT, travel not recommended on Highway 95 between Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada and Needles, California tonight because of major flooding occurring. 

Due to heavy flash flooding, California Highway Patrol and CalTrans has closed Highway 95 from north of Interstate 40 near Needles, California to south of Highway 163 near Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada.

Authorities are asking motorists and Independence Day vacation travelers to please use caution when approaching this area and expect lots of traffic delays. 

Needles Highway between Park Boulevard to Aha Macav Pkwy, the road to the Avi Resort and Casino, is closed due to flooding, washed out, and reports of vehicles stuck in the muddy flooded roadway.

Because of the closure, motorists and Independence Day vacation travelers will have to use Needles Highway into Needles, California then Harbor Drive into Mohave Valley, Arizona to get around the closure and to got to their vacation destinations.

Also, the K Street Underpass is closed because of flooding and dirt runoff into the K Street Underpass.

North K Street front Front Street to Needles Highway in Needles, California is closed until clean up crews clear the dirt runoff and pump the water out of the flooded underpass.

As the Monsoon season continues, have a plan in case of a weather related emergency and always be prepared in case of a severe storms hits your community.

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