Venice, CA: Vietnam War memorial mural vandalized ahead of Memorial Day.


Venice, CA: Vietnam War memorial mural vandalized ahead of Memorial Day.

A Vietnam War memorial mural dedicated to those missing in action in Vietnam was vandalized along the 600 block of Pacific Avenue near Sunset Court in Venice, California just ahead of Memorial Day.

The memorial mural, was painted by a Vietnam veteran in 1992, has 2,273 names on the wall, and has the message “You are not forgotten,” written on top of the wall, was covered up by disgusting graffiti.

The memorial mural has been previously tagged with disgusting graffiti, but the latest vandalism attack is the most extensive as it covers up the bottom half of the memorial mural for much of its length.

Many residents and the community are outraged of this disgusting vandalism attack on this Vietnam War memorial mural.

Senior Prank, Vandalism Lead to Animal Abuse Investigations City Council Member Mike Bonin tells NBC affiliate KNBC Channel 4 News that he wanted the memorial mural restored as soon as possible, adding “vandalizing a monument to brave men and women who served our country in a time of war is a disgusting act.” 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are investigating this vandalism attack because the memorial mural is painted onto a Metropolitan Transportation Authority building.


Investigators with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were seen on the night of Saturday, May 28th, 2016 assessing the memorial mural and take pictures.

Many residents and the community hope that the memorial mural can be restore and those who did this disgusting vandalism attack are found and arrested soon.

If you have any information regarding this disgraceful vandalism attack, please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at: 1 (310) 482-6000.

** Picture above from NBC affiliate KNBC Channel 4. **


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