Redondo Beach, CA: Former pro wrestler star Chyna died.


Redondo Beach, CA: Former pro wrestler star Chyna died.

Pro Wrestler Chyna, described as the “Ninth Wonder of the World,” died on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at her apartment in Redondo Beach, California.

Chyna’s Manager Anthony Anzaldo confirmed the death of Joan Marie Laurer, known by her stage name Chyna.

According to the Redondo Beach Police Department, at around 3:35pm PT, officers received a 911 call from a friend who said the former pro wrestler star was not breathing,

Joan Marie Laurer’s friend reportedly went to Joan Marie Laurer’s home to check on her because she had not answered her phone in a few days.

The exact nature, cause, and time of Joan Marie Laurer’s death were still being investigated by the Los Angeles County Coroner, but there’s reports that an autopsy is scheduled for sometime in the next few days.

According to Chyna’s Manager Anthony Anzaldo, Joan Marie Laurer was born Saturday, December 27th, 1969; was a native of Rochester, New York; graduated from the University of Tampa in Florida in 1992, and after a series of different jobs, took up wrestling.


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The 6 foot tall pro wrestling star rose to fame in 1997 as the WWE’s “Ninth Wonder of the World.”

Under her stage name Chyna, Joan Marie Laurer wrestled in the Royal Rumble and King of Ring tournaments and became the only undefeated Women’s Champion in WWF (World Wrestling Federation) history.

In 1996, Chyna was named the “Rookie of the Year for the Women’s Championship.”

Stephanie McMahon Levesque of the WWE tweeted, “I just heard the tragic news that @ChynaJoanLaurer has passed. She was truly a pioneer in our industry, and she will be missed. #RIPChyna”

After leaving the WWE in 2001, Joan Marie Laurer posed for Playboy and appeared in adult films and on reality television shows including “The Surreal Life” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

Joan Marie Laurer was also was an avid animal rights advocate.

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