Breaking News!!: Hollywood, CA: Anna Marie “Patty” Duke has died.


Breaking News!!: Hollywood, CA: Anna Marie “Patty” Duke has died.

Anna Marie “Patty” Duke, an American actress of stage, film, and television, has died on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.

According to Mitchell Stubbs, Representative for Patty Duke, the cause of her death was sepsis from a ruptured intestine.


A statement released from Anna Marie “Patty” Duke’s family says, “This morning, our beloved wife, mother, matriarch and the exquisite artist, humanitarian and champion for mental health, Anna Patty Duke pearce, closed her eyes, quieted her pain and ascended to a beautiful place.”


Patty Duke was born Anna Marie Duke in December 14th, 1946.

Patty Duke’s career was launched at 8 years old when her mother, unable to cope with the kids, turned her over to talent scouts John and Ethel Ross, who saw gold in the perky young girl.

Patty Duke made her Broadway debut at 12 years old playing Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker.”

Patty Duke rocketed to fame in the 1960’s as the star of “The Patty Duke Show,” which ran for 104 episodes over 3 seasons, and in which she played her rambunctious self as well as her more demure “identical cousin.”

At the 16 year old, Duke won the best supporting actress Academy Award 3 years later reprising her role as the young Helen in the celebrated 1962 screen adaptation of the play.

After “The Patty Duke Show” was cancelled, Patty Duke starred in the camp classic “Valley of the Dolls.”

Patty Duke won a second Emmy in 1976 for her turn in the television mini-series “Captains and the Kings.”

Patty Duke also appeared in television shows like Police Story, Hawaii 5-O, and Night Gallery.

Later, Patty Duke became an advocate for the mentally illness by working with the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Patty Duke was married 4 times, most recently was married to Michael Pearce, and raised her 3 sons, 2 of whom are Sean Astin and Mackenzie Astin who followed in their mother’s footsteps and became actors as well.

Patty Duke was 69 years old and is survived by her last husband, Michael Pearce and her 3 kids.

Sean Astin, Patty Duke’s Son, also confirmed the sad news over the phone into Good Day L.A. on Fox affiliate KTTV Channel 11.

ZachNews sends our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to the families and friends of the Patty Duke.

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