ZachNews: Computer Devices Crashed.

Hello Everybody, I would like to thank the many people who have commenting and stopping me on the street with their messages of support for ZachNews.

I am still in Needles, California, but in the last 2 weeks, my computer devices I was using crashed and no longer can be use.

I am planning to replace my computer and Android phone, but that may happen at the end of the money as I am trying to save up to purchase them. That could be at the end of the month.

I do have a small camera, but doesn’t capture long video; no longer then an hour on the lowest setting for video.

Currently, I am using a computer that has some problems unloading videos and watching online videos because the computer shuts down after 15 minutes and restarts back up.

I am limited to what I can do on this computer, but I will do what I can do with what I have somewhat working.

ZachNews is working on a news update on what has been happening in Needles, California including what happened at the Needles City Council Meeting, but videos can’t be uploaded as when I up load the videos, the computer turns off and restarts over.

I still have my small camera that I got late last year, but that can only record up to an hour long with on the lowest setting. I am planning to save money to get a better camera too.

I am backing up any video filmed on this camera and trying to use the memory on the small camera when important and necessary, but audio will be from the camera and not from the microphone as used before on the Android phone.

With so much happening kicking off the 6 year of ZachNews, I will still be here and this is just a bump in the road and ZachNews will get over this bump to the road to reporting news and events in our community.

Bear with me everybody and thank you to my many caring and supportive ZachNews Friends.

ZachNews is still here, but just trying to get over this bump in the road.

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