Fontana, CA: Man arrested for homicide after a body was found buried in his home’s yard.


Fontana, CA: Man arrested for homicide after a body was found buried in his home’s yard.

According to the Fontana Police Department, at approximately 8:52pm PT on Thursday, January 14th, 2016, detectives received information that led them to a home of 40 year old Cesar Rosales on the 8200 block of Reseda Avenue in Fontana, California.

A search warrant was served on the home and a cadaver dog was brought onto the home’s yard.

With help by the cadaver dog, a body was found buried in the yard of the home.

Fontana Police Department arrested Cesar Rosales for homicide.

According to the Fontana Police Department, Cesar Rosales admitted to the homicide and burying the body in his yard of the home.

Cesar Rosales was later booked at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Initially, the Fontana Police Department reported that the body was that of the missing woman from the San Diego, California area, but the Fontana Police Department later recanted that information saying that the body’s identity and gender has not been identified by investigators.

The investigation into this homicide case is on going.

Anybody with information on this case can contact the Fontana Police Dispatch at: 1 (909) 350-7700.

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