Needles, CA: City of Needles, “Home Builders Wanted!!”


Needles, CA: City of Needles, “Home Builders Wanted!!”

In effort to recruit new businesses, the City of Needles is wanting home builders to come to Needles, California so to bring in additional “rooftops” or customers to the community.

According to the City of Needles, grocery store chains have told them that they need 10,000 people within 5 miles in order to justify a full service grocery store, and at a 5,000 population, we have some growing to do.

According to data information from the United States Census Bureau, the population estimate of Needles, California is 4,969 (Source: Vintage 2014 Population Estimates: Subcounty Population Places and M.C.D.’s); the median household income is $ 33,045 (Source: 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates); the educational Attainment: percent high school graduate or higher is 84.6 % (Source: 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Profiles); and an individuals below poverty level of 23.4 %.

** Source: United States Census Bureau: ** city, California/POPULATION/PEP_EST

According to the City of Needles, the Needles City Council recognized this issue during your last goal setting session.

Of this issue, a flyer talking about “Home Builders Wanted in Needles, California” has been sent electronically to the top 3500 home builders in Nevada, Arizona, and California in order to trigger some interest and put Needles, California in their mind.

** The flyer, obtained by ZachNews, that was sent from Needles City Manager Rick Daniels, states the following: **


“WANTED! Home Builders in Needles, CA

Gateway to the Colorado River

4.5+ million vehiles on Interstate 50 and

5.5+ million visitors to the region each year!

Builders, Architects & Contractors, The City of Needles Wants You!

With river front land, this is the perfect time to invest and build. With large lots, water front locations and open land, Needles is the perfect place to build or invest for your next project.

Our Community Offers: Community Hospital, Small Town Atmosphere, 90 Minutes to Las Vegas, Affordable & Plentiful Land Opportunity for Residential Development.”

Needles, California is located along Historic Route 66 at intersection of Interstate 40 and the Colorado River. The community has about 5,000 permanent residents while the larger “River Region” boasts 121,000 residents. Today, our community serves as a regional hub for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) and provides needed services to motorists commuting along Interstate 40. Additionally, over 5.5 million tourists a year visit the region to play on the Colorado River or other outdoor recreation areas.”

** For more information about the City of Needles or to schedule a tour of the community, the City of Needles ask to please contact the following contacts: **

– Rick Daniels

Needles City Manager:


– Michael Bracken

Economic Development Consultant to the City of Needles:

Phone: 1 (760) 272-9136



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