News Update!!: Needles, CA: Miranda’s Car Wash is closing.


News Update!!: Needles, CA: Miranda’s Car Wash is closing.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez has spoken to the owner of Miranda’s Car Wash, located at 1644 Needles Highway in Needles, California, regarding the closing of his their business on Thursday, December 31st, 2015.

Mike Miranda, Owner of Miranda’s Car Wash in Needles, California, tells ZachNews that after 33 years of great service, Mike Miranda tells ZachNews that, “My wife got sick and it’s time to move on.”


Mike Miranda also tells ZachNews that the property hasn’t been sold and is still for sale.

Mike Miranda also addresses some of the other rumors that some people are saying is to why Miranda’s Car Wash is closing, including due to realignment or connector projects and other car wash businesses; those are just rumors and nothing else.


Mike Miranda tells ZachNews that 2 sons, grandsons, and over 200 students of the area worked at Miranda’s Car Wash and some famous vehicles have stopped to take a picture of the beautiful Route 66 mural as well as to get their vehicle washed, including the Batman’s car.

We all thank everybody at Miranda’s Car Wash for their business to our community.

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