Downtown Needles, CA: Celebrating together as a community family at a Christmas Day Dinner.


Downtown Needles, CA: Celebrating together as a community family at a Christmas Day Dinner.

Around 25 volunteers from Set Free Church of Needles, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, and Saint Ann’s Catholic Church came together to serve Christmas Day Dinner on Friday, December 25th, 2015 inside Father Hanley Hall behind Saint Ann’s Catholic Church in Downtown Needles, California.


For 3 day, volunteers cooked up 31 Turkey’s, 36 box of stuffing, 200 pounds of mash potatoes, mixed up juice and hot coffee, and prepared tables to help feed between 300 to 400 people from our community.

ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez spoke to Sy Foley, Head Overseer at Set Free Church of Needles and Christmas Day Dinner Volunteer, about the Christmas Day Dinner and the hard work volunteers did to get this delicious Christmas Day Dinner all ready to serve the community.

Sy Foley also talks about who are the people coming in to eat at the Christmas Day Dinner as well as what services are and are not here in and around the community of Needles, California.


A mix of people from all walks of background and life all welcome every year to have a delicious Christmas Day Dinner; families with children, senior citizens, young adults, homeless, unemployed, military veterans; they all come together to enjoy a community Christmas Day Dinner for we are a community family.

Many people in this community are trying to survive from paycheck to paycheck, receive social security, who are retired, and some are homeless; all are trying to live with what is available in the community.

When asked if this community has enough food services, homeless shelters, and jobs, Sy Foley said, “In this particular area, there’s a huge need of homeless shelters – because there’s no place for them to go in Needles, in Mohave Valley, and even up in Bullhead; there’s not enough space for and programs set up to properly help people get back onto their proper footing and have a good life again and rebuild themselves.”

With so much this community needs, the very little that is here to help the community are working more harder to take care of a community they love dearly.

Set Free Church of Needles, located at 404 F Street in Needles, California, have a varies of services to offer such as a women and children’s home, men’s and women’s ranch to teach the word of god and help them overcome any obstacle course, and a community outreach program which Set Free Church of Needles has helped in cleaning up around the community and helped in community events in and around Needles, California.

For more information, please contact Set Free Church of Needles either by phone at: 1 (760) 326-2941 and by visiting their website at:

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, located at 839 Front Street in Downtown Needles, California, offers groceries from their food pantry 2 times per month, offers County of San Bernardino food commodities which are distributed on the 3rd Saturday of the month, and other special services to the community.

For more information, please contact St. Vincent de Paul either by phone at: 1 (760) 326-4420 and by visiting their website at:


** Many thanks to all the hard working volunteers who go out and help serve their community for you bring us all hope that there is still good people out there who still care about other people and their community. **


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