News Update!!: Colorado Springs, CO: Latest information regarding the shooting at Planned Parenthood.

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News Update!!: Colorado Springs, CO: Latest information regarding the shooting at Planned Parenthood.

ZachNews has the latest information regarding the shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado that happened on Friday, November 27th, 2015.

** As of 2:00pm PT on saturday, November 28th, 2015: **

– More information has be released about the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Department Officer and crazed shooter in the Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


** Pictures from NBC News: **

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Department Officer, 44 year old Garrett Swasey, was among the people killed by the crazed shooter just a day after celebrating Thanksgiving with his family.

Garrett Swasey was reportedly the first to responded to the shooting at the Planned Parenthood building and put his own life on the line to protect other people in his community.

On Saturday, a police procession escorted the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Department Officer’s body from the Planned Parenthood clinic.

In a statement, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Chancellor Pam Shockley Zalabak spoke about Garrett Swasey saying, “It is with great sadness that I share that the tragic events today at the offices of Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs have touched the campus of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. A UCCS police officer, Garrett Swasey (pronounced /Sway’zee/), 44, responded in support of Colorado Springs Police to the active shooter situation at about 11:50 a.m. Friday. He was killed in the line of duty.UCCS officers are sworn, state-certified police officers. Officer Swasey was on duty at the campus and responded in support of Colorado Springs Police. Officer Swasey was a six-year veteran of the UCCS Police Department. UCCS is working with Officer Swasey’s family and continues to support the Colorado Springs Police Department at the shooting scene. All questions about the investigation of Planned Parenthood shootings should be directed to the Colorado Springs Police Department.”

Garrett Swasey’s Family is saying that Garrett Swasey loved his family, loved figure skating, and devoted his life to his job and his Christian faith.

Garrett Swasey leaves behind his wife and 2 young children, 6 year old Elijah and 10 year old Faith, that he loved dearly.

Garrett Swasey figure skating talents earned him a junior national championship and he was a multiple-time national qualifier with United States Figure Skating.

Garrett Swasey was the 1992 United States junior ice dance champion with partner Christine Fowler.

United States Figure Skating President Sam Auxier released a statement regarding Garrett Swasey saying, “The figure skating community mourns the tragic loss of Officer Garrett Swasey, a former U.S. junior ice dance champion. Garrett is remembered as a kind and selfless man who was well-liked by friends and competitors alike. He died in the line of duty serving the community of Colorado Springs, home to U.S. Figure Skating. While we are shocked and saddened by his loss, we are grateful for his service as an officer and his impact as a figure skater. Our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with his wife, Rachel, and children Elijah and Faith.”

Garrett Swasey was an elder of the Church of Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Posted on the Church of Hope Chapel website, “Garrett and Rachel began attending Hope Chapel in 2001. Initially drawn by its small size, they have grown to love the fellowship and teaching at Hope Chapel. As they raise their son, Elijah and daughter, Faith, they view the members of the church as their family. Both have been granted a servant’s heart by God, and are a demonstrative evidence of God’s grace to Hope Chapel. Rachel serves behind the scenes leading and watching the little ones in the nursery. Garrett works full time in Law Enforcement and provides oversight to our Care Groups. Additionally, as an elder, you will find him sharing his teaching gift as part of the teaching team and sharing his guitar skills on the worship team.”

Pastor and friend Scott Dontanville tells NBC affiliate KUSA Channel 9 that Garrett Swasey was first and foremost a Christian, and it’s ironic that he died responding to Planned Parenthood, a place with values Swasey opposed. But he also said that didn’t really matter in this situation.

“We want to honor life. And yet he was willing to lay down his life for them. Without hesitation,” said Scott Dontanville adding that his friend would have done this for anybody.

In a statement on Saturday, United States of America President Barack Obama spoke about Garrett Swasey saying, “May God bless Officer Garrett Swasey and the Americans he tried to save and may He grant the rest of us the courage to do the same thing.”

A YouCaring fund was set up to help the family of Garrett Swasey.

** YouCaring: Officer Garrett Swasey Memorial Fund: **

The fund was set up by family friend of Garrett Swasey and says that it will help provide for the education of Garrett Swasey’s 2 children.

The University of Colorado’s men and women’s basketball teams plan to observe a moment of silence before each game Saturday in remembrance of Garrett Swasey.


** Picture from the Colorado Springs Police Department: **

– Authorities released the mugshot of crazed shooter identified as Robert Lewis Dear.

Authorities are saying that Robert Lewis Dear was a North Carolina native who was living in a trailer in Colorado.

Robert Lewis Dear made statements to authorities on Friday at the crime scene at the Planned Parenthood building and in interviews with authorities described as rantings; including a statement, made after the shooter was taken in for questioning, saying, “no more baby parts.”

Robert Lewis Dear reportedly had criminal cases against him in South Carolina for domestic violence, peeping tom, animal cruelty as well as other charges out of Colleton and Beaufort counties.

The Charleston Post and Courier is reporting on Saturday, citing records, that Robert Lewis Dear was arrested in 2003 on a cruelty to animals charge, but was found not guilty in 2004, and Robert Lewis Dear was charged with peeping tom in 2002, but that charge was later dismissed.

Robert Lewis Dear is being held without bail and his next court date is set for Monday, November 30th, 2015.

– If you are experiencing anxiety over the shooting, you can call the Colorado Mental Health Crisis Line at: 1 (844) 493-8255.


** As of 11:00pm PT on Friday, November 27th, 2015: **

– Authorities are saying that at least 2 civilians and a University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Department Officer were killed in the shooting at Planned Parenthood.


** Pictures from NBC affiliate KUSA Channel 9: **

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Department Officer has been identified as 44 year old Garrett Swasey.

According to Colorado Springs Police Department Spokesperson Lt. Catherine Buckley, University of Colorado Springs Police Department Officer Garrett Swasey was shot and killed while responding to the shooting.

Garrett Swasey was a 6 year veteran of the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Department.

Along with Garrett Swasey, at least 2 unidentified civilians were pronounced dead at the scene in the shooting.

At least 4 law enforcement officers and 4 civilians were injured during the shooting, and they are in stable condition at local hospitals.

The crazed shooter has been identified by authorities as 57 year old Robert Lewis Dear.

Robert Lewis Dear was detained by authorities after a 5 hour standoff outside inside the Planned Parenthood building.

In a news release, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said, “Our deepest condolences go out to the families and loved ones of those who were killed, including UCCS Officer Garrett Swasey, and those who were injured. Our thoughts continue to be with law enforcement, the Colorado Springs community, and the staff and patients at Planned Parenthood.”

Authorities are saying that while there’s no longer a threat to the public, there is an active investigation that may take days to complete.

**** ZachNews sends our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to the family and friends of the victims in the deadly shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado. ****


** As of 6:00pm PT on Friday, November 27th, 2015: **


** Picture from NBC News: **

– A man dress in a white t-shirt is seen in handcuffs and being taken away by authorities from the scene of the shooting at Planned Parenthood.


** As of 4:06pm PT on Friday, November 27th, 2015: **

– According to Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, the suspect is in police custody and the “situation is resolved.”

The suspect was taken into police custody by authorities at 4:52pm MT (3:52pm PT).

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, at least 11 people were taken to area hospitals, including 5 law enforcement officers.

Authorities are saying that the items that the suspect left in and around the Planned Parenthood building will need to be processed by explosives experts.

At this moment, authorities are not saying to the news media if there’s any fatalities in this shooting.

Authorities are working on letting people in area businesses leave.


** As of 3:54pm PT on Friday, November 27th, 2015: **

– Police scanner reporting that the shooter is coming out and is giving himself up to authorities.

Police scanner reporting that authorities, possibly Swat Team, can see the shooter in a hallway and the shooter walked up to them with hands up.

Police scanner reporting that the shooter is telling them that he was alone.

Police scanner reporting that authorities are checking for identification on the shooter and is bring in a “Bobcat” to where they are located of the Planned Parenthood facility.

Police scanner reporting that authorities are checking and clearing the hallway that the shooter was located.


** As of 3:41pm PT on Friday, November 27th, 2015: **

– There has been a shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility located at 3400 block of Centennial Boulevard in Colorado Springs, Colorado around at around 11:38am MT on Friday, November 27th, 2015.


** Pictures from NBC News: **

At this moment, at least 9 people have been injured including 4 law enforcement officers.

At least 3 people have been sent to U.C. Health Memorial Hospital and are preparing to potentially care for additional patients.

Authorities are in contact with the shooter is inside the Planned Parenthood facility.

There’s reports that the shooter is a white male, in his 40’s, wearing a trench coat, and is using a AK-47-style weapon.

Authorities are checking out items that the shooter took into the Planned Parenthood facility.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, the scene is still active and roads around the scene are still closed.

Authorities are going room to room to clear near by buildings, searching for people, and people at a near by plaza are being rescued out to safety.


** Pictures from NBC affiliate KUSA Channel 9: **

Multiple agencies are assisting with the search and investigating this shooting including the Colorado Springs Police Department and SWAT Team, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Highway Patrol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (A.T.F.).

Colorado Springs Police Department are saying that they have not released the name of any possible suspects in connection with the shooting.

According to the White House, United States of America President Barack Obama has been notified of the shooting by Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is telling the public that the public can check on family by calling 211.

**** Live news coverage at the following NBC affiliate KUSA Channel 9 website address: ****

** More information is still developing. **

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