News Update!!: Needles, CA: Needles Planning Commission unanimously approved adding subsection and added changes regarding Medical Marijuana.


News Update!!: Needles, CA: Needles Planning Commission unanimously approved adding subsection and added changes regarding Medical Marijuana.

Members of the Needles Planning Commission were discussing about recent signed California Assembly and Senate Bills, zoning, and permits regarding medical marijuana cooperatives, manufacturing, and cultivating facilities during a Special Needles Planning Commission Meeting is being held on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 inside the Needles City Council Chambers in Needles, California.

Members of the Needles Planning Commission unanimously approved Agenda Item #6(A) which is an amendment of the Needles Municipal Code Section 96.01 adding Subsection 17.00 “Medical Marijuana”, but with additional changes made by members of the Needles Planning Commission.

** The additional changes made by members of the Needles Planning Commission include the following: **

1: The City of Needles is to notify the State of California of any and all cooperatives, manufacturing, and cultivating facilities that are permitted or allowed.

2: That the zoning permissible use table will be for C1, C2, C3, M1, and M2 for 17.00-17.50 for Medical Marijuana are allowed to be in.

3: For section 12(A)-18-Enforcement D; to add a fourth “(4)” fine where it’s $10,000 or the maximum as possible and allowed.

As currently states in the Agenda Item #6(A) documents, “In lieu of issuing a misdemeanor citation, the City may reduce the penalty to an infraction or issue an administrative citation, and/or assess an administrative fine as follows: (1) $250.00 for the first offense, (2) $500.00 for the second offense, and (3) $1,000.00 for each offense thereafter.”


According to the City of Needles, on Friday, October 9th, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law three bills (Assembly Bill 266 (“AB 266”), Assembly Bill 243 (“AB 243”), and Senate Bill 643 (“SB 643”) (collectively the “Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act”) which establishes a statewide regulatory scheme for the licensing, cultivation, processing, transporting, testing, and distributing of medical cannabis.

The attached Ordinance provides the City’s regulations for establishment of the above referenced facilities. Specifically, the land use permit for the existing cooperatives/collectives, required to be in place on December 25, 2014 in order be recognized as an existing facility, will require the processing of a Zoning Permit. The land use permit for any new proposed cultivation facility, as well as any manufacturing site for edibles, and/or lab for testing, will require the processing of a Conditional Use Permit before operations can begin. A business license, as well as a license for each of the entities, i.e. “Collective/Cooperative License”, “Marijuana Cultivation License”, “Marijuana Manufacturing License”, or “Marijuana Testing License” will be required.

The Ordinance prohibits the establishment of any new Collectives/Cooperatives.

The proposed Ordinance provides descriptions for the application process for the business
related licenses identified above, as well as the operation of each entity, but are not part of the
oversight of the Planning Commission. The required land use permits will be processed through
the Planning Commission and City Council as has been the practice in the past. The Zoning
Permit will be processed through staff via a Site Plan Review.

The Planning Commissions review of the entire document is being requested to allow
discussion on what to allow for the size of each operation, as well as the permitted zones for
each business entity, and any other areas of concern identified as part of the review process.

According to the City of Needles, the fiscal impact are none, the critical timeline is the State of California requirement to approve by March 2016, and environmental is not applicable or not available.

Staff recommendation is to make a motion to: Approve Resolution No. 11-23-2015-1 PC
recommending amendment of the Needles Municipal Code Section 96.01 Adding Subsection 17.00 “Medical Marijuana”.

** Agenda Item #6(A) Packet: **

** You can watch the video regarding this agenda item at the following ZachNews on YouTube website address: **

**** Video is being uploaded and will be added here after completed. Check Back Later. Thank You. **

For more information regarding the Needles City Council Meetings, please contact Cindy Semione, Secretary to the Board, at the City of Needles at: 1 (760) 326-2113 Ext. 327.

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  1. Until MJ is taken off the list, California’s rules only invite people to comply with state law on their way to jail. Mathematically there is no way to cultivate without evading taxes because expenses cannot be deducted. Many other problems. States want the revenue and don’t mind that people they encourage will be sent to prison.

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