Chicago, IL: Fire at the John Hancock Center.


Chicago, IL: Fire at the John Hancock Center.

A fire broke out at a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, November 21st, 2015.

According to the Chicago Fire Department, the fire started at approximately 2:30pm CT inside an apartment bedroom on the 50th floor of the Delaware Place side of the high-rise John Hancock Center which is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.


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Many people on the streets below could see the flames and thick smoke poured out of an east side window.

More than 100 firefighters and six ambulances arrived at the scene of the fire.


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According to the Chicago Fire Department, at least 5 people suffered minor injuries; 2 people were listed in good condition and 3 people were listed as stable.

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Firefighters conducted floor-by-floor searches to ensure people were safe.

By 4:00pm CT, the fire was contained and put out.

Investigators have not determined what caused the fire, but according to the Chicago Fire Department, the fire was accidental.

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