Breaking News!!: Saint-Denis, France: Several people arrested and 2 suspects are dead during police raid.

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Breaking News!!: Saint-Denis, France: Several people arrested and 2 suspects are dead during police raid.

– Authorities in France and news media outlets are reporting that at least 2 suspects are dead and 7 other people are arrested during police raid in Saint-Denis, France.

A woman suspect blew herself up as elite French police raided an apartment early Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 near Paris, France targeting high-level terror suspects involved in last week’s attack.

Another suspect was shot by authorities.

At least 7 people have been arrested during the operation in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis, France.

Heavy gunfire was reported for several hours.


** Picture from NBC News: **

According to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office, a woman detonated a suicide vest as the apartment was stormed.

Authorities in France believe a suspect remained inside the dwelling.

At least 5 police officers were injured during the incident and a police dog was also killed.


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Officials confirmed that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian jihadist who is suspected of being a lynchpin in the terrorist attacks on Paris, France, was one of several people targeted by the raid.

However, Abdelhamid Abaaoud was not among those arrested in the police raid.

Several explosions could be heard around 7:30am (Local Time) (10:30pm PT), about 3 hours into the operation.

At this moment, things are claim and the operation is reportedly over at this location.

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