News Alert!!: Kingman, AZ: Public meeting on Wednesday regarding missing Sidney Cranston Jr.


News Alert!!: Kingman, AZ: Public meeting on Wednesday regarding missing Sidney Cranston Jr.

A public meeting regarding a real estate man who been missing for close to 5 months will be held at 6:00pm MST on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 at First Southern Baptist Church located at 3120 Hualapai Mountain Road in Kingman, Arizona.

Father and Brother of Sidney Cranston Jr. will reportedly be at this public meeting and will be discussing the facts of this case and answering everybody’s questions.

Anybody who cares about finding Sidney Cranston Jr. and want to know how they can help find Sidney Cranston Jr. are encourage to attend this public meeting.

According to the Kingman Police Department, 40 year old Sidney Cranston Jr. was last seen at approximately 12:00pm MST on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 in the area of Interstate 40 and Stockton Hill Road in Kingman, Arizona.

Since Tuesday, June 16th, 2015, Sidney Cranston Jr. hasn’t been seen or heard from, and remains missing.

Sidney Cranston Jr. is described as 5’9”, 162 pounds, has brown hair, blue eyes, and was last seen wearing blue jeans, a sleeveless white shirt, and a gray baseball cap.

According to the Kingman Police Department, Sidney Cranston Jr., a real estate agent, was reportedly showing an unknown property to an unknown client.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and the Kingman Police Department are investigating his disappearance and are requesting the assistance of the public for any information in finding Sidney Cranston Jr.

Sidney Cranston Jr.’s family has reportedly hired a private investigator to help in the Sidney Cranston Jr. missing person’s case.

** Read more about missing Sidney Cranston Jr. at the following ZachNews on WordPress website address: **

**** If you have any information about Sidney Cranston Jr.’s whereabouts, please contact the following contacts: ****

– Mohave County Sheriff’s Department Office at: 1 (928) 768-7055

– Kingman Police Department at: 1 (928) 753-1911

** You can also report information online at the following Kingman Police Department website address: **

– Mohave Silent Witness at: 1 (928) 753-1234

**** Mohave Silent Witness was offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the whereabouts and location of missing person Sidney Cranston Jr. ****

** More information regarding the search for missing Sidney Cranston Jr. is being posted up at the following Facebook website address: **

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Everybody who love and knew Sidney Cranston Jr. wants Sid to be found and to come home.

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