Rialto, CA: Firefighters discover hundreds of marijuana plants well battling a garage fire.


Rialto, CA: Firefighters discover hundreds of marijuana plants well battling a garage fire.

Firefighters had more then just flames to battle at a structure fire in a neighborhood in Rialto, California.

At around 12:16pm PT on Friday, October 23rd, 2015, Rialto Fire Department responded to a call of a structure on fire located on the 2500 block of North Quince Avenue in Rialto, California.

As firefighters arrived, they can see smoke coming from a garage of a home and as the firefighters gained access into the garage, they discovered at least 200 marijuana plants inside the garage and a other rooms inside this 2 story house.

According to Rialto Police Department, the renter of this 2 story house doesn’t live here and instead, has been transformed into an indoor marijuana grow.

Nobody was inside the home during the fire and no information on if there has been an arrest.

Nobody was injured in the fire and no other near by structures were damaged.

As for what may have started the fire, Rialto Police Department said that the fire started after an electrical panel burst into flames when the renter tried to bypass the meter to steal electricity.

Near by neighbors were surprised what was just next door to them growing inside this 2 story house with some residents upset that this operation was happening in their neighborhood and around their children.

Damage to the home is estimated at more than $25,000.

Resident were glad that firefighters quickly put out this fire before it got worst and endangered other property or lives.


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