News Alert!!: Victorville, CA: Public Awareness and El Niño Public Information Meeting.


News Alert!!: Victorville, CA: Public Awareness and El Niño Public Information Meeting.

According to the San Bernardino County Fire Department, the public is strongly encouraged to attend a Public Awareness and El Niño Public Information Meeting regarding this winter’s expected El Niño storm system.

The meeting, hosted by the San Bernardino County Fire Department Office of Emergency Services, will be held at 5:30pm PT on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 inside Victorville City Hall located at 14343 Civic Drive in Victorville, California.

The best way to get prepared is to get informed. The first 50 attendees will receive a personal disaster preparedness kit from California Volunteers.

In its most recent El Niño Diagnostic Discussion, the National Weather Service along with the federal Climate Prediction Center stated “there is an approximately 95% chance” that El Niño will continue through the winter and begin to weaken in the spring.

After 4 years of drought, our ground is so dry and hard that it cannot absorb enough water when we do get rain, which leads to dangerous flooding situations. Risks are higher for areas that have experienced wildfires recently, specifically the risk of mudslides.

According to the United States Geological Survey, “post-fire landslide hazards include fast-moving, highly destructive debris flows that can occur in the years immediately after wildfires in response to high intensity rainfall events.”

Already this year we have seen multiple major flooding and mudslide events. In mid-October 2015, flooding and mud flows trapped hundreds of motorists in adjacent counties and forced the temporary closure of the Interstate 5 through the Tehachapi Mountains near Tehachapi, California.

In early September 2015, a couple on a first date got caught in a flash flood at Mill Creek crossing in Forest Falls, California.

While she was able to make it to shore, he did not make it out of the water alive.

In August 2015, flash flooding in Riverside County, California washed out a bridge on the Interstate 10 near Desert Center, California.

San Bernardino County Fire Department Office of Emergency Services, the National Weather Service, San Bernardino County Public Works, and the State Department of Water Resources will update you on the latest El Niño forecast and how local government is preparing.

They will also provide flood preparation materials for residents.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Emergency Services at: 1 (909) 356-3998.

** More information about flood preparation can be found at the San Bernardino County Fire Department website address: **

**** Stay tuned as ZachNews prepares to cover El Niño and will be out in the storms reporting on what’s happening at the storms move into the Needle, California and Colorado River Tri-State area. ****

** Picture from the San Bernardino County Fire Department: **

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