Needles, CA: Welcoming the new Wayside Rest Stop Park Sign.


Needles, CA: Welcoming the new Wayside Rest Stop Park Sign.

A group of people welcomed in the unveiling of the new Wayside Rest Stop Park Sign at the Wayside Rest Stop located on Needles Highway just north of National Old Trails Road in Needles, California.


Among those who attended the Unveiling of the Wayside Rest Stop Park Sign were Jim and Cathy McConnell of the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Kim Hibbard, Rosie Ramos, Phil Crouch of the Best Western Colorado River Inn, Needles Council Member Louise Evans, former Needles Council Member Linda Kidd, Public Works Director Marc Richards, Jan Jernigan, Joe Ziemann, Dave Davis, Jesse Fragoso, and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Captain Ross Tarangle.


Former Needles City Council Member Terry Campbell, who coordinated this restoration project, thanked the many hard working volunteers and assorted entities that have contributed to this restoration project.

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There’s still work being done to the Wayside Rest Stop including planting trees, introduce native plants, delineate trails, and cut back near by the encroaching salt cedar.

Announcements of additional projects at the Wayside Rest Stop are being planned as the weather cools down.

Volunteers worked on the clean up and restore the rest stop during the Spring 2015, and with the unveiling of the new Wayside Rest Stop sign, hope to restore and re-beautify this part of Needles Highway is slowly coming to reality.


The Wayside Rest Stop Park Sign Unveiling was put on by the Needles Downtown Business Alliance.

** Great Work Everybody!! **

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    1. Thanks Terry. Sorry about that and got it fixed. The sign looks great and everybody did a great work. When everything is finished, that would be great for a finish celebration.

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