Downtown Needles, CA: Welcome back Needles Market Place.


Downtown Needles, CA: Welcome back Needles Market Place.

The weather and the community both welcomed back the Needles Market Place that was held at Santa Fe Park in Downtown Needles, California on Saturday, October 17th, 2015.

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Residents around the community were so glad that the Needles Market Place was back after closing earlier this year.

People enjoyed the fresh and local baked goods, produce, arts and crafts, lemonade and tea, fresh salsa, granola, and much more as well as live music.


ZachNews interviewed 4 vendors who talked about what they were selling and talked to them about the creative area this great community in creating homemade items and how this events help get small new businesses out to the public so the whole community can enjoy.

** Videos from ZachNews on YouTube: **

– Downtown Needles, CA: Needles Market Place: Interview.

– Downtown Needles, CA: Needles Market Place: Interview 2:

– Downtown Needles, CA: Needles Market Place: Interview 3:

– Downtown Needles, CA: Needles Market Place: Interview 4:

If it’s a home built gift boxes for a child to put her favorite jewelry inside or making fresh salsa that you made at home, having a place to show off this community’s creativity side helps local small new businesses and gets other people to build, make, or cook something that the whole community can enjoy.

The Needles Market Place was sponsored by the Needles Downtown Business Alliance.



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